Your New Backpack And Where You Can Get It Cheapest

It is clear that backpacks are very practical. It is also known that they can also be very fashionable. And because 2019 has already created numerous trends in backpacks, let’s take a closer look at them. What backpack trends can we expect this year? What should not be missing in the wardrobe and which pieces are a must in the 2019 fashion year?

Mini backpacks: the smaller, the more fashionable

A clear backpack trend of 2019 is emerging in terms of size. XS backpacks are particularly popular with accessories for women. The mini backpacks can be squeaky-colored, but also plain-colored. They are made of leather, canvas or even velvet. Simple or full of small details. What is possible is possible and even sporting goods manufacturers such as Adidas, Nike and Co. have now jumped on the mini backpack trend. You can combine a mini backpack with almost any style. You can find a diverse selection at shops such as ASOS or About You .

Saving tip : If you have fallen in love with a backpack, check before buying whether there is a suitable voucher for this shop. It is also not wrong to compare prices of different shops.

Backpacks with a metallic look: For a skilful change in style

Especially in the field of mini backpacks, but with many other backpack types, metallic colors are the latest craze. The striking pieces really come into their own with a classic outfit. Don’t overdo it when styling – too much metallic can quickly hurt your eyes. The extraordinary pieces are primarily intended to set accents and can be a break from the rest of the clothing style. Guess and Superdry are just a few of the many manufacturers who are designing this backpack with their designs.

Tip : Most online shops offer a newsletter that also informs subscribers about savings offers and sales campaigns. So if you want to make sure you never pay too much again, you should at least subscribe to the newsletter at your favorite shops.

Leather as a backpack trend 2019

With all the many leather pieces that the fashion year 2019 brings, the backpacks are not spared from this trend. But they shouldn’t either, because a leather backpack gives every outfit that certain something. Manufacturers such as Liebeskind, Jost and Picard offer a huge range of leather backpacks made of smooth and suede and in all colors of the rainbow.

It does not have to be the whole backpack – there can also be targeted accents made of leather in a backpack. Be it straps, outside pockets or handles – every backpack can be upgraded with leather elements. If you want to completely do without leather, then you will find beautiful backpacks from manufacturers like Fritzi from Prussia, which are completely leather-free and make a lot of things. But many other brand manufacturers have taken leather products out of their ranges and offer many chic and high-quality alternatives.

Saving tip : You can shop for beautiful leather backpacks at flea markets and in second-hand shops. With a little luck, you can find real treasures that only a few can afford at full prices.

Canvas is all the rage

Whether Herschel, Timberland or Vans: Backpacks made of canvas have long been an integral part of the cityscape of modern metropolises. Because of the many positive properties, canvas is often used in functional outdoor backpacks, but the fabric has also long since arrived in the fashion world. In 2019 there is even more variety in terms of canvas backpack. Such a backpack can be sporty, casual and even elegant – there are no limits to the design options in this regard.
Tip : If you are not yet sure which canvas backpack it should be, you should not just commit yourself to a brand, but look around in the large online shops that have a large variety of bag models. We recommend BAUR or OTTO , for example .

Daypacks: functionality meets fashion awareness

The daypacks are the classic of modern backpacks. A daypack was originally developed for outdoor activities. But a daypack can also be invaluable in everyday life for city dwellers. Sports things, university documents or daily shopping – there is nothing that cannot be stowed in a daypack.

The classic daypacks are brands like Fjällräven, Patagonia and Herschel. In the meantime, these manufacturers have also recognized that practically they can also be combined with stylish wonderful. Therefore, a colorful mix of colors, fabrics and designs awaits us in 2019. This backpack trend brings even more color to our everyday lives and shows that when it comes to fashion, all boundaries can be blurred.

Saving tip : Good, robust daypacks can be quite expensive. Once you have found some models that are suitable for you, remember them and take a little time to buy them. Maybe you will get an even better price because your favorite models will be reduced.


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