Your Outfit Immediately Looks Higher Quality With These 6 Tricks

Do you want to look elegant, serious, but still trendy – without spending a lot of money on clothing and accessories? No problem: With these six fashion rules, inexpensive parts quickly look like expensive designer fashion. If you follow a few tricks when buying and combining items of clothing, you will succeed in a luxury outfit for which you do not have to throw yourself in expense. You can read in our style guide how a simple look with parts of inexpensive fashion chains looks like an expensive designer ensemble.

It’s the fit that matters

The simplest rule so that clothing looks high-quality regardless of its price: Only buy parts that fit perfectly. Because a blouse, dress or trousers may have been so expensive – if they don’t fit properly, the look is anything but luxurious. But how can you avoid buying designer jeans one size too small or the blouse sitting loosely in the wrong places? Take a close look at the item of clothing in the changing room when worn and also subject it to a sitting and walking test. Does the trouser button pinch when sitting on the stool in the locker room? Does the fabric have unsightly folds or does the skirt slip because it is a bit too big? Then you’d better not buy the part.

The same also applies to the underneath: beautiful, well-fitting underwear is the basis for a high-quality outfit. Because if the breasts ooze out of the bra cup or the panties cut ugly, you will see that under the T-shirt, pencil skirt and Co. Bras with invisible seams that adapt to the shape of the breast are always a good choice. Your lingerie outfit should include at least these parts: a beautiful lingerie set made of lace for special occasions, a nude colored set that will not show up under light clothing, and a bra plus panty in a dark color such as black or dark gray.

Pay attention to high quality materials and good workmanship

In addition to a good fit, material and workmanship also play an important role in how your outfit looks to the outside. While synthetic fibers such as polyester or elastane prevent a good fit and excessive sweating in functional clothing, cheaply produced everyday clothing made of synthetic fiber usually looks anything but high quality. In the case of inexpensive fashion chains that offer clothing at a dumping price, poor workmanship is often added: crooked seams, crooked seams or hanging threads are not uncommon for bulk goods. Therefore, when buying inexpensive parts, you should pay attention to the workmanship and check whether there are loose seams, missing buttons and other processing defects. Or put on a high quality garment, that keeps its shape and looks high-quality even after frequent washing. However, a low price is not automatically synonymous with poor quality: Basic parts made of pleasant materials for a reputable wardrobe are also available from inexpensive fashion houses such as Zara, H&M or Uniqlo.

Those who like to spend a little more money on clothing or prefer natural fibers are well advised to use cotton, wool, cashmere or silk. Even simple parts, such as a round neck sweater or a shirt blouse, immediately look elegant when they are made from a high-quality natural material. Closed, Marc O’Polo, Sandro, Marc Cain and other mid-price fashion brands offer knitwear with mohair or cashmere for example, for which you have to pay a little more than cheap suppliers, but you don’t have to pay huge sums.

For accessories such as handbags, jewelry or shoes, you should attach particular importance to good workmanship. Then a cheap shoulder bag in a simple design can easily keep up with a designer model that costs several hundred euros.

Style monochrome looks or neutral colors

Do you want a high-quality outfit without having to do a lot of styling? The formula for this is: monochrome looks. Wear earth tones like cream white, camel or brown, darker shades like navy, bordeaux and anthracite or the non-color black from head to toe. When you look in the mirror, you will notice that the harmonious tone-on-tone combination immediately creates an elegant look. Even an outfit that combines several colors from a color family – such as light blue, royal blue and navy – looks very classy. The styling becomes a little more exciting if you wear several parts in the same color but made of different materials. Playing with different textures gives the outfit an unusual touch, without the overall look being too extravagant.

Even with checks, stripes, subtle floral prints or other classic patterns, you are always right. In combination with neutral colors such as cream, black or gray, a stylish outfit can be created in just a few simple steps.

Choose simplicity instead of opulence

Sure, statement pieces bring a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe. Those who value high-quality optics when it comes to outfits should prefer to use fashionable minimalism – with simple designs, straight cuts and clothing that do not require eye-catching details such as glitter sequins, striking slogans or eye-catching patches. Simple fashion basics can be combined well and, together with more striking styling partners, result in an elegant look that still looks high-quality. When choosing jewelry and accessories: choose only one or two high-quality pieces instead of mutating into a human jewelry stand. A sparkling pair of necklace earrings, for example, deserves all the attention and would only be destroyed by additional jewelry, such as a striking necklace.

Take good care of clothes and accessories

The right care is important if you want to enjoy your clothes for as long as possible and at the same time want to ensure that your outfit looks high-quality and serious. Because bleached colors, pilling or stains unfortunately do not make a good impression. It is therefore essential to follow the washing and care instructions recommended by the manufacturer. How a part is stored in a cupboard or chest of drawers also plays a role in how expensive it looks: wool parts should never be hung on hangers, but should always be folded or rolled up. Otherwise the stitches will warp and the garment will lose its shape. Luxurious natural fibers such as cashmere, mohair and Co. make moths happy – that’s why it’s worth storing items made of fine thread in an airtight box or special garment bags with a lavender sachet.

The bad news for ironing fans: Wrinkles make even expensive branded parts look cheap – for a serious look, you should iron clothes that are prone to creasing before wearing them. Lint and stains also remove the high-quality appearance of fine clothing. Likewise, shoes and other leather goods (including the alternative made of synthetic leather!) Require regular care units with special leather grease and care products in order to remain beautiful and smooth for a long time.

Focus on classics instead of trends

We love fashion trends, no question about it! However, if you only focus on short-lived trends, there is a risk that the clothes will fit less to the figure and individual style. In addition, parts that are traded as absolute “must-haves” of the season can usually be seen on every second woman at some point. If you focus on your own style and classic items of clothing instead of seasonal fads, you stand out positively from the crowd. Then it happens that plaid blazers, shirt dresses or other timeless fashion classics that are already hanging in your closet are hyped as new trend pieces that you have already worn before everyone else.


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