Your Winter Wedding Dress From Purchase To Styling

Winter weddings are becoming a trend. No wonder, because a marriage in the cold season has a special magic . We don’t know why, but winter comes with a contemplative romance that is simply the perfect backdrop for love and a stunning winter wedding dress . We reveal what makes the perfect wedding dress for a winter wedding and give a few inspirations for accessories and styling details. The designers Alexandra Roehler and Johanna Kühl from Kaviar Gauche, THE Berlin fashion label with an annual bridal fashion collection, give valuable extra tips!

Wedding dresses for winter: that’s the difference

The rumor that a wedding dress for winter is exactly the same as a wedding dress for summer persists. And of course there is a core truth to it, because a wedding dress for the winter is a wedding dress in the end – but the devil is in the details! The Kaviar Gauche designers, Alexandra Roehler and Johanna Kühl, are wedding dress experts. They reveal: “In general, all of our dresses can be worn in summer as well as in winter, because it depends on the overall look. Nevertheless, some dresses fit better into the respective season. For winter weddings we especially recommend long sleeve dresses and dresses made of cuddly clothes Opaque materials. Our highlights are the Blanc de

Blanc Dress and the Pure Palais Dress. But also a Champagne Dress that plays with transparencies and lightness fits perfectly for a winter wedding. ” Obviously, a winter wedding dress is less airy than a wedding dress for summer. This includes long sleeves, for example , but the neckline and back cut-outs are often less deep. As far as the fabrics and materials are concerned, special wedding dresses for winter tend to be more opulent. Heavy lace, satin or even brocade take off light and airy fabrics in the cold season. For those who prefer a casual, elegant look: In winter, for example, a combination of a cozy white sweater with a dreamy skirt is a really nice option.

The Kaviar Gauche designers also recommend closed shoes, but also emphasize: “We don’t think it is sensible to avoid dragging or the like. You just have to think about it. The bride should think about how she can do it smoothly, that she neither freezes or the hem gets dirty. ” If you have fallen in love with a wedding dress for summer, but still want to get married in winter – no problem! There are also solutions for this: “For example, we offer the option of fitting a summer-like dress to a longer sleeve. Another option is to feed the dress differently. Furthermore, we have the unique possibility of freely combining the tops with the skirt parts of our collections So a summer top combined with another skirt can look a lot more adequate in winter, “says the designers at Kaviar Gauche.

Accessories and styling: the perfect look in a winter wedding dress

Accessories for a winter wedding dress are probably a little more crucial than for a summer wedding dress. Because especially with details such as white faux fur or, for example, a floor-length cape with a hood, like Cinderella in our favorite film in winter, you create that special winter romance for the whole look. Accessories that are reminiscent of ice crystals and details in silver or ice blue give the white of the dress a special extra and make it shine even more.

Shopping tips: you should pay attention to this when buying

Most of these tips do not only apply to the purchase of a winter wedding dress – here, of course, you should take special care that you do not freeze (or at least as little as possible), but otherwise the following advice helps for winter and summer wedding dresses:

Don’t commit to a dress type before buying

Of course, most of us already have a dream, or at least an idea of ​​how we want to look at our wedding. However, making a happy decision can be very difficult. It is best to try on different dress shapes as impartially as possible , because ultimately the only thing that matters is wearing comfort and a look in the mirror.

Set the budget before buying

The budget that you want to use for your dress should be determined before trying it on. You shouldn’t even try on clothes that are far above what you want to spend. Also important: take into account what you want to spend on shoes, matching underwear, accessories etc. The Berlin label Ivy & Oak, for example, has very noble, yet affordable wedding dresses that impress with their timeless design and great attention to detail.

Don’t take too many consultants with you

Of course, buying a wedding dress is an important experience that some of us would like to share with others. However, it can make it difficult to make a concentrated decision if you go with a whole entourage to buy a wedding dress … Many consultants also have many different opinions – and your own could get lost: “Not integrating too many opinions is confusing and it is difficult to find one To make a decision, “say Kaviar Gauche.

Don’t overrate the decision

Yes, buying a wedding dress is something very special, aaaber: at the end of the day , it’s all about a dress and not about life and death. So if no tears come to you or you are not overwhelmed by feelings of excitement, but just think “fits, feels good and I look great!”, That is enough to make a decision. The Kaviar Gauche designers say: “A bride feels when she finds her dress. The most important thing is that she feels beautiful, but also comfortable.”

Stay yourself

There are many opinions and pre-made pictures of what a bride should look like. However, if you think of typical wedding dresses, “I am not and I really don’t want to be …”, stand by yourself. If you want to wear a red dress, a pants suit, jumpsuit or a short dress in the style of the 50s, then do it. It is your wedding and above all you have to find yourself beautiful to feel beautiful too!


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