150 Trending Blouse Designs Pattern For Every Indian Woman

Traditional Indian wear is becoming a huge craze in the fashion industry and it has grabbed the attention of women the world over. One of the hottest an grandest of Indian wear for women is the traditional Indian Saree. These outfits come with dozens of bright colors and what makes them even more unique is the various types of blouse back design that a woman can choose from. Many fashion designers have created their own spectacular Blouse Neck Designs that women nowadays are going crazy for.

Currently, there are hundreds of saree blouse designs available and some of them have very creative back neck designs as well. So this article, we will talk about a number of saree blouse design patterns & blouse designs images you could try making for your sarees. We will talk about both flashy as well as a few simple blouse designs in this article that are sure to look good on any woman. If you are looking for different saree blouse back neck designs or lehenga blouse designs available to stitch for your saree, then you are reading the perfect article on that. Continue browsing through the various types of blouse designs given for you below.

1. Simple Blouse Designs

Let us first start this list of the latest blouse designs by speaking about the simple blouses that are available for to try along with a traditional Indian saree. The rounded neck saree blouse designs are one of the simplest designs that go really well with any type and color of saree. These kinds of new blouse designs are usually worn to party as well as professional occasions like an office dinner or meeting for instance. Since it is a simple blouse design, it can also be readily available for purchase if you find the right size.

New Blouse Designs Back Images

So if you do not want to your blouse design to be too elegant, then you can opt for the round back neck blouse design, which has a simple and plain look, but still goes well with any kind of Indian saree pattern that you choose to wear

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2. Lehenga Blouse Designs

The lehenga blouse design is a more conservative type of blouse that almost covers the entire upper body of the woman. These blouse designs have a simple look but because the wide portion of the upper body that they cover, you can put a lot of different designs and patterns on it to make it stand out. You can also add different types of patchwork and fabrics to this type of blouse design to make it look more elegant and trendy.

Like we mentioned earlier, the lehenga blouse design tends to cover you up, but is extremely comfortable to wear. So if you do not want to show a lot of skin in your saree, then you should really consider using the lehenga blouse design for your Indian wear.

3. Embroidery Blouse Designs

As he name suggests, an embroidery blouse design has plenty of stylish embroidery pattern sewed onto the blouse to give you a classic Indian look. These new blouse designs have the potential to be extremely eye-catchy as embroidery designs usually have a very artful look to them. If you choose to go for the embroidery blouse designs, then get ready to get a lot of attention, especially if you are the only one wearing a saree at the party or special occasion.

Making a embroidery blouse design may take a bit of time as creating these type of blouse designs involves a lot of work from tailors or designers. So ensure that you stitch the blouse and keep it ready a couple of weeks before you decide to wear it and do not try getting it done on short notice. These blouse designs suit formal occasions the most.

4. Silk Saree Blouse Designs

Want to look even more fabulous in your designer saree? Well, then get a silk saree blouse designed for it. Silk saree blouse designs really make an impact and are even a style statement. These blouse designs 2018 are perfect for extremely high profile and trendy events. Most stars or celebrities go for a silk saree blouse design and usually seen wearing them for award functions and other TV shows.

Since the saree blouse will be made from pure silk, you will have to be ready to pay a high price to get one of these silk saree blouse models for your traditional outfit. However, the cost is worth it as you will get a blouse that looks great and feels great to wear as well.

5. Patch Work Blouse

A patch work blouse is another fascinating type of saree blouse that you can choose for your saree. There are numerous types of patch work patterns available for you to stitch from any reputed designer or tailor. You can opt for bead patch work or just plain cotton print fabric to design the

What’s more, this particular saree blouse design can also be made in both low and high neck blouse design patterns and you also get a variety of amazing designs to choose from.

6. Bridal Blouse Designs

The last but not the least famous of blouse designs that we put on our list is the spectacular bridal blouse design collections. Almost every Indian bride waits for the day they can choose their own bridal blouse pattern that they can wear on their special day. Any woman would love these specially designed blouses that are created to turn heads at weddings. They come with a lot of beautiful designs and the neck and back of this blouse design is always lined with dazzling and colorful beads.

Most tailors and designers have huge catalogues of Indian bridal blouse designs as every to-be bride wants to look special and gorgeous on their wedding day. Only thing about bridal blouse designs is that they are specially designed to be worn by women on their wedding garment. Hence, once the blouse is stitched, it can only be worn once with the bridal saree.

The bridal blouse design would just look to flashy to be worn on any other regular saree, so if you want this type of blouse design catalogue, then you would have to get a matching bridal saree to wear along with it. An Indian woman would usually not wear such an expensive and precious blouse to any other occasion besides her wedding day. She would wear for just a single time on that day and then cherish it forever.

So if you are willing to pay the high price and buy a bridal blouse design then try and get one from a reputed seller of Indian bridal wear.