Do You Wear The New Trend Paperbag Pants?

Everything about the trend paperbag pants : And suddenly they were there. Paperbag pants can be heard everywhere – at BANÚ we also have the pants cut trend on offer ( here ). But what makes these pants so special? Today I bring light into the darkness of the pants trend.

What are paperbag pants?

Translated “paperbag” means paper bag and the pants are called that because they are reminiscent of a crumpled paper bag. The trend pants are cut super high and are often accented at the waist with a belt. Other models are characterized by a paperbag waistband with elastic band and valance edge. The pants have a casual fit and a narrower tapered leg. They are made of denim or other cotton fabrics and in many colors.

Who’s the pants trend?

Paperbag pants generally have a rather bad reputation because they emphasize the waist and hips and the carrot cut makes the legs look wider. A myth! In fact, the new pants are cut more flattering. Yes, they emphasize the waist, but the narrow leg conceals the thighs.

The paperbag cut gives the waist and hips a beautiful, feminine shape, and the high seat visually extends the legs. Overall, the pants create an hourglass silhouette that looks particularly elegant and feminine. If you still fear that the trousers will be worn, you can combine them with high shoes or choose a model that is cut more narrowly and inconspicuously, especially at the hips.

Combine paperbag pants: styling tips for the pants trend

Thanks to their versatility, slip pants have become classics within a very short time. They are the perfect business pants, but can even be worn as wedding guests or casual in everyday life! From casual to elegant to cool, there are no limits to styling.
It is important for all combinations that all tops – whether shirt, top, blouse or sweater – are put in the waistband. The heart of the pants is the extravagant waistband, which should always be visible. This also gives the waist its beautiful paperbag shape. The narrower the tops are, the better for the figure 🙂

Combine paperbag pants elegantly

For a classic look, trousers made from soft, flowing fabrics and with pleats are particularly suitable. This plays around the legs and provides more elegance than, for example, jeans. Pants made of dark fabrics, such as black, brown or with a checked pattern, look particularly beautiful. Since the lower part is the key piece in the look, the upper part may like to be simple. A narrow cashmere sweater looks subtly elegant, a light lace blouse, a bow blouse and a blazer go well with the paperbag pants. High shoes are suitable for stretching the leg. Sandals, mules and pumps in particular harmonize with wide trousers. Avoid chunky ankle boots – they look too coarse and big and that can quickly become too much.

Combine paperbag pants casually

Even in everyday life – even in summer – the pants are a suitable companion. Models made of jeans or in natural tones with a cargo look fit here. For extra casualness, the oversize outfit can be chosen, with a shirt blouse that is tucked into the hem or knotted at the waist. If you want to emphasize your belly and waist, you can also combine a crop top. Don’t worry – there is not too much to see because the pants are cut high waisted . A casual, t-shirt or a delicate top with spaghetti straps also go well with casual pants. When it comes to shoes, almost everything is possible. Sneakers look casual and sporty, flats such as slides, sandals or loafers bring more femininity to the look.


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