How To Do The Perfect Eyeliner

If you like to go spectacular, it is essential that you learn how to do the perfect eyeliner . The eyes are the doors of the soul and our gaze is an unparalleled communication channel, therefore, we will teach you how to get the most out of your gaze.


We know that any minute detail can change our appearance in both a positive and negative sense, that is why it is so important to give our face expressiveness, whether it is an expression, sweet, sensual, sophisticated or more sober. Lips, eyes and cheekbones you have to know how to make up and get the most out of them but, in the case of the eyes, mistakes are not allowed. With well-made-up eyes, you can even do without the rest of your makeup and conquer just with your look.

But it is true that correctly delineating our eyes is not an easy task. You have to learn a few tricks and master the technique for the result to be good. If it is the first time that you put makeup on your eyes, you will need help from another person, and even if you have been wearing makeup for a long time, practice is what will make you an expert, so take note of our guide and be patient, yes, practice .


The eyeliner allows us to show off an enigmatic, sensual and attractive feline look. If your pulse trembles, if your eyesight is not perfect or if the drawing has never been good for you, you may be a bit restless thinking about how you will be able to delineate your eyes without problem.

Next, we show you the steps so that you know how to do it without making mistakes. The rest is just a matter of choosing a good eyeliner , a good makeup , using adequate lighting and also practicing, of course, relaxing.

An excellent eyeliner will depend on whether your eyes look bigger or smaller . Play with the stroke to correct defects in your eyes. Very large or very small eyes, a slightly crooked look, eyes that are set apart or too close together . Study your face and learn to sculpt the beauty you wear thanks to the eyeliner.


It is the first step for your work to be successful. Get yourself some good cosmetics and tools and keep them handy when you put on your makeup. Using a quality base will make your makeup look much better. And it may even be advisable to also use a primer . A good primer will help to unify pores and eliminate a little fat, it will also be much better if you use it with a sun protection factor.

Once the primers and base have been applied , we will proceed to apply our concealer to erase any imperfections and, then, we will put on translucent powders. If you like to use shadows to color your eyes then go for it. You can apply the shadow before or after the eyeliner, but it is preferable to do it before because then it can stain and ruin the work.


There are two types of eyeliner that you can choose according to your preferences. On the one hand, we have the classic pencil eyeliner . And, on the other hand, there are liquid eyeliners that, today, are the favorites because they are easier to use and allow greater precision in the mark.

One thing you should be clear about is that it is okay to make mistakes. You can use the makeup remover and fix the mess. Don’t be afraid to err because then your pulse will tremble even more. With practice you will do it better and faster.


We have the tools, the makeup, and our favorite eyeliner. Now it remains to decide what shape you want to give your eyes. There are forms of outlined for all tastes. Be clear about which one you want before you start.

You can opt for thin and elongated , thick strokes, do them in the middle of the eye or at one end; with and without tail.


It is intrinsically related to the above. To define a look and enlarge the eyes in a subtle way, we will draw a very fine line and we will glue it to the eyelashes. If you like the effect, add a corner . It will give you a very beautiful and natural look for day to day.

If what you want is something more daring for a more special occasion then go for the thick line . The thick line requires less pulse, so it is easier to achieve than the previous look.

If you simply want to lengthen your eyes, it will be enough to outline the middle or place a corner . And if your eyes are big then simply by defining they will already look beautiful.

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