How to Install WhatsApp on PC for Windows

Whatsapp in windows pc

Whatsapp has now become the most popular mobile chatting platform in the web, and also after the acquisition by Facebook. the company is expanding it’s capabilities to free VoIP calling. As we already know that currently WhatsApp Doesn’t have Windows PC Client, some of you are mostly disappointed ? So here we have revealed a […]

How to Add Jetpack Share Buttons Above Posts

Jetpack Share Buttons Above Posts

As social media grow day bay day it’s essential to create a good social media engagement about your blog content or post. in this post we have included a simple tweak that can add your Jetpack wordpress plugin sharing buttons to above the post. Why Jetpack sharing buttons ? If you dont know. if you […]

How to Delete Post Revisions in WordPress

Delete Old Post Revisions in WordPress

In WordPress 2.6 version, they have introduced the Post Revisions feature for WordPress that auto-saves your content periodically as revisions, so you can revert back in case of an unforeseeable event such as power outage, browser crashes, computer crash etc. If you save a post or page multiple times( which creates a no.of Post Revisions), then the […]

How To Setup BigRock Custom Domain For Blogger


In this post we will learn how to setup a Bigrock Custom Domain for your Blogger, Google Blogger is a free content publishing platform. you can start your own blog in a matter of minutes and start posting your content right away. The sign up process is Very easy just two or three steps. First […]

How to avoid Online Password Hacking on Internet

How to avoid Password Hacking on Internet

In this post we describe the causes of online password hacking and how to avoid being hacked by easy methods. as today we spend more than half of our life time in online social media’s and other services. even from smartphones and Tablets, thus the security for your private social accounts and other online personal […]

How To Add Stop Download Button in YouTube

Stop Download Button To YouTube

In this tutorial we describe how to add stop download button in YouTube or stop buffer button in order to avoid excessive youtube video download in your limited internet plans. We know YouTube is the world’s most popular video sharing website in which you can upload and watch all types of videos. We also known that YouTube […]