Lace Styling Ideas For Everyday Life & Basic Looks In Winter

So you can combine great clothing in everyday life : Lace is a classic in fashion and belongs to the parts of every basic wardrobe. Because in addition to the timelessness of lace, it is also the many styling options with which lace can be combined. Whether festive and elegant or casual and cool – today I’m going to show you five looks to wear lace for every occasion!

Combine skirt with lace

It starts with a lace skirt. The models often show themselves in a slim cut silhouette, which is particularly feminine and romantic and elegant due to the delicate material. Contrasting materials such as cotton, leather or knit go well with delicate lace. I combine an oversize blouse with a narrow skirt made of lace and fit it with a belt or ribbon. This makes the elegant skirt suitable for everyday use. High shoes for the evening or flats for the day go well with this.

Wear lace pants

To style a feminine and elegant lace trousers, I put on a ruffle blouse as you can see here in the look. So the whole outfit and romance turns. I like the country-meets-city look that looks like from another century. The lace look is rounded off with slides and a straw hat as well as lots of jewelry. Also nice with lace trousers: a simple cotton shirt with stripes, for example.

Combine a lace dress

A dress made of lace or with a lace insert is one of the basics of the material. Especially in summer, white lace dresses are a timelessly beautiful classic – and in a summery color, the dresses from Self-Portrait are perfect for a wedding or other party. You can combine lace in such a versatile way: Either elegantly with high sandals or you break the elegance and put on sneakers. Sandals and accessories in natural tones go perfectly with summer dresses. In winter, a lace dress can be combined with a coarse knitted sweater.

Lace blouse or top

Lace basics also include lace blouses or delicate tops with lace inserts <3. Wonderful styling is lace with jeans. Every everyday look is a highlight! Here you can see how much the mix of different materials can make up. Lace looks just as great with a pair of lederhosen. Or wool. You see, there are almost no rules. Lace blouses or tops with denim and blazers are suitable for the office.

Combine shorts with lace

Sweet shorts with lace can either be combined with a T-shirt and flats or put on the all-over look and worn with a slip top with lace. So that the look is not too reminiscent of pajamas, I would then pull a jacket over it or choose a top with longer sleeves or little neckline.

All-white with knit and wool

Monotonous looks are (m) a safe bet! Because no basic look in winter looks chic faster than if it is kept in a color world. The best example is this outfit that only consists of 2 (!) Pieces of clothing and still looks cool, right? Strictly speaking, you need an oversized knit sweater in any color and a pair of trousers, for example made of wool, in a similar color. Choose accessories such as a bag and shoes in an accent color and you’re done with a basic winter look that’s perfect for everyday wear!

Knitted sweater with jeans and ankle boots

The next basic look in winter consists of classics that everyone also owns: take a coarse knitted sweater, your favorite jeans and ankle boots. A long wool coat <3 fits this. This look works every day in everyday life and also in the job, because it is timeless and stylish! Tip: To redress the outfit, simply apply red lipstick. Works wonders 🙂

Black jeans, blazer, shirt blouse

Still looking for the perfect office basic look in winter? Voilá – if it were up to me, this look would go every day. The highlight here is a blazer around which the outfit is built around it. With dark jeans and a shirt blouse, the look becomes elegant and timeless, the chunky boots give it a certain nonchalance. The more extravagant the blazer, the more striking the look. For a day full of meetings, this classic look also fits a classic, single-colored blazer.


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