Focus On Bermuda Shorts: How To Wear The Fashion Trend

Even though summer 2020 will be different from what was hoped for, it will bring some new fashion trends. The Bermuda shorts, for example, are making a comeback this season. While the shorts used to be functional clothing, they are now showing a sense of the trend. Not least because designer brands from Chloé to Max Mara reinterpreted the Bermuda shorts and made them not only suitable for everyday use – but also really chic. That is why Bermuda shorts are perfect for anyone who is not a fan of ultra-short denim shorts but is looking for an alternative to skirts and dresses. How best to combine the shorts and who they are? Here are my styling tips for the fashion trend.

What are Bermuda shorts?

Bermuda or Bermuda shorts are a specific type of shorts. More precisely, they are high-cut shorts, the trouser leg is about knee-length. The length can vary – mostly it ends at the middle of the thigh or just above the knee. The new Bermuda shorts are also a combination of chinos or paperbag pants, often they have a paperbag hem, an integrated belt or pleats. This makes the shorts, which originally came from the functional niche, a fashion piece.

Who are the shorts for?

I have to say that I generally hardly wear shorts because most of them are just too short for me. Bermuda shorts, however, change my mind 🙂 Because of their longer cut they flatter every figure and hide what belongs hidden. At the same time, the wide shorts are fluidly cut, which conceals stronger thighs and only exposes the leg from the knee – similar to many dresses. The waist is emphasized by the high-waisted cut and thus provides a beautiful silhouette.

Combine Bermuda shorts: styling tips for knee-length pants

Bermuda shorts are available this season to suit every occasion and style: from elegant to preppy to casual and cool. The materials also have no limits. The knee-length trousers made of linen or cotton are light and summery, jeans shorts ensure a cool look and the leather trousers look chic and stylish. Because the Bermuda shorts go well with light blouses. Whether white lace, an oversize shirt blouse or light and loose blouses with a print – depending on the color and extravagance, everything fits here. With a blouse and bermuda, the shorts are even officially suitable. I combine loafers or sandals.

In everyday life, a delicate top (with spaghetti straps) also goes well with pants. Since you are “dressed” at the bottom, it can also be airy at the top. This contrast ensures simple chic that works perfectly, especially in the warm season. When it gets cooler in the evening, just pull a cardigan or a cotton sweatshirt over it. A blazer in the same tone or material is also suitable to style the shorts even more elegantly – e.g. in the office, as a wedding guest or at other chic events. The Bermuda trousers with pleats and a blazer thus become a summer trouser suit. Wear a plain shirt or blouse underneath. Heeled sandals complete the modern look.


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