10 Tips For Going To An Ibiza Party

If you have been invited to an Ibiza-themed party and you don’t know what to wear or how to look properly, you may think that it will be enough to wear a white dress, and although this is not a bad idea, the truth is we can find others that will allow you to get it right. Let’s see now 10 Tips to go to an Ibiza party .


The truth is that going to an Ibizan party, which usually takes place in summer although we may also be invited in the middle of the fall season, means that we have to look for a “look” or style that is close to bohemian or also, to the Romantic. If you think about it, parties of this type are born on an island, Ibiza , which is the maximum representative of the party and good times until dawn, but at the origin of its “legend” we cannot forget that it hosted many “hippies » Which were the ones who actually gave it the fame it has today, so that some of that also permeates the air of Ibiza’s festivals.

For this reason, Ibizan parties usually have a “chic” style represented by a type of fashion that we know as “Ad Lib” and that has also become a style trend, added to other customs that you cannot ignore. when choosing correctly what you wear and take to an Ibizan party.

In this way, if you have been invited to a party of this type and you do not want to be out of tune , pay attention because we are going to give you a series of tips that will be the key to going to an Ibizan party knowing that you are right.


One of the first things you are going to do when it comes to knowing what to wear to go to an Ibizan party is to go online and look for the “looks” that are usually worn to this type of party, and although this is not a Bad idea, you may not be right considering that nowadays few people are right with their Ibizan style.

The choice of a white dress, for example, will be key, but it cannot be a modern one like the one that many celebrities wear to current Ibizan parties , but it is better that it be one that has a «hippie» style with which you will hit the mark. full. If you are looking for inspiration in this regard, look for example in how Bianca Jagger or Brigitte Bardot dressed in the 70s or in fact look for inspiration in any photo of hippie dresses.


It is also important to know what accessories you should bring to this type of party, and not only to be consistent with the theme but so that you do not end up going unnoticed among a “white tide” of people.

For this reason, you should choose necklaces or bracelets but also hair accessories and among the best, or most recommended, we can mention those of Nicole Ritchie for House of Harlow, since the famous “celebrity” has already declared herself a true fan of Ibiza and is very inspired by the island for its collections.

On the other hand, and if you are looking for a necklace or bracelet that stands out, there is nothing like choosing it to be of the “maxi” type, although be careful not to attract too much attention in the end and you end up with a dress that nobody pays attention to. You can also be right if you choose wooden accessories, which go a lot with the Ibizan “look” and tend to highlight just enough.


On the other hand, when thinking about the type of makeup to wear to an Ibizan party, we advise you to think above all about what Ibiza is like precisely, and you will realize that it represents the sun, happiness and having good times and with That naturalness seems to be the key.

In this way, it is better that you avoid makeup bases that are very covering or that in fact it shows that you are wearing very makeup. You better bet on a little concealer, some sun powder and some khol for the eyes, adding a soft lip tone. You will be divine and successful and you will not have to worry about retouching every two minutes.


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