The Best 25 Games For A Very Fun And Original Bachelorette Party

If you are preparing your wedding for 2018, it will also be necessary to organize a bachelorette party that is fun, or let yourself go and let your friends organize it, so to help you, we want to offer you the best 25 games below. for a very fun and original bachelorette party. Any self-respecting bachelorette party needs games and these are the best, some to do at home and others for you to carry out on the street or wherever you celebrate your bachelorette party.


During this game, the bride is asked to undergo some really fun , and maybe even a little embarrassing chores . It is a challenge at points where the bride has to do everything that her friends will ask her to do. Some good ideas could be “take a selfie with a stranger” or “use the men’s room” … in short, play with your imagination and have fun watching your friend do strange but very funny things. And of course … document everything!


This game consists of bandaging the participants and making them try special foods . This is a points activity at the end of which will win who can force a friend to finish the rest of the tastings.

Try to find foods that are hard to guess and use a few tricks: one pleasantly subtle thing is to bring the unfortunate raw fish up to the nose, while sipping ice cream. The blindfolded person will go crazy trying to figure out what he is trying! This game is not only tremendously entertaining, but it can also be adapted to many other types of parties and goes great with a glass of wine.


The beauty of this game is that it never tires. We’ve already played with our grandmothers and we doubt there’s a better joke when you want to play with embarrassing taboos and anecdotes. Here imagination and originality should not be lacking, but be careful: it is important not to fall into vulgarity and not to make the other girls feel too uncomfortable. The game is beautiful when there is carefree, not ferocious!


In many ways, it is similar to the game of truth or dare, but it hides a Machiavellian undertone. This game is actually intended for alcohol consumption: every time something is said that you actually did during your life you will have to take a sip from your glass.

The trick is to find things that are embarrassing but common, for example, “I’ve never … been silly in public.” But if you really want to know more embarrassing truths, you could say, “I’ve never… ever thought about making love to one of my teachers!” And see how many of your friends share your passion for educated men! Here, too, your imagination will be your best ally and together with you you will discover the truth about the bride … truly incredible.


Good organization and small prizes are necessary for this game. Lie to the bride (and agree with the other friends) and tell her that no one will be able to attend her bachelorette party . Make up some excuse and make him believe that you will be doing something quietly for a few close friends.

When the day comes, you take her on a scavenger hunt around town, telling her that at the end of the game there will be a prize for her skill. Just when you are solving the last puzzle, you will be surprised to see all the guests appear – it will be the best surprise of all!


A fun game for us to play at home. All we have to do is finish the sentences on several cards that we have written with what we think the bride will say . Whoever of the most responses that match the bride wins.


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