How To Get Rid Of Blackheads | 5 Simple Home Remedies

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads : Around the globe, many people are wrong to think that blackheads are caused by dirt and other micro-organisms on the skin. To make things clear, scratching your face hardly isn’t the appropriate way of removing blackheads on your skin, and will worsen the situation as you’ll only result in drying and harming your skin, which will trigger production of more oil to restore what you damaged. Whether you have a damaged or painful skin or you want to ensure your blackhead removal process is easy to handle and a smooth process, there are a lot of ways that are confirmed to be effective in curbing blackheads.

What are the major causes of blackheads?

Most blackheads starts to appear when the pores in your skin are clogged up with dead cells and excess sebum. When the pores are open, dead skin cells and sebum oxidizes as they are exposed to the air, thus it turns black as a result of exposure to oxygen. As long as you stick to the tips below, you will not only be able to maintain the smoothness of your skin but you’ll obtain a pain-free skin as well.

How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Using Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Blackheads

Natural remedies are unquestionably the cheapest, healthy and perfect methods that comes with long lasting solutions when it comes to removal of blackheads. . Though it may be hard to implement, using some of these remedies for about 2-3 times every week will make your skin look clear and attractive.

1. Use Bentonite Clay

Clay has been used to treat some disorders in the past especially these related to the skin. When wet, the clay molecules becomes electrical charged, thus it sucks oils and other impurities clogging your pores. When you apply it simultaneously, this clay sucks the impurities on your skin, as a result, it gets rid of blackhead. Besides, it also improves air and blood circulation, which is very important to maintain your skin fresh and healthy. When preparing this remedy, you can mix up clay with apple cider vinegar or water but you can choose not to mix it if you have sensitive or dry skin. To apply it, mix approximately 1 tablespoon of bentonite clay with water to form a thick paste. Apply a small amount of the mixture to your face and leave it for about 10-20 minutes then rinse your face using warm water.

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2. Use Milk and Honey Strips

Both milk and honey are not only highly nutritive have skin-healing properties as well. Honey possesses antiseptic properties that kills bacteria, while milk has lactic acid which takes part in maintaining the softness and elasticity of the skin. When blended together, they suck oils and other impurities in your skin. When using this remedy, add 1 tablespoon of unprocessed honey to 1 teaspoonful of milk then mix the two solutions. Heat it gently for about 5-10 seconds then stir it to blend completely. Allow it to cool then apply it over blackheads using a dry-clean cotton wool. Allow it to dry for approximately 20 minutes then remove the cotton strip carefully. Rinse the applied area with clean water.

3. Apply Egg White Mask

Using Egg whites will ensure your pores are temporarily closed, thus reducing the future possibilities of developing blackheads, and will likewise do away with existing blackheads. Besides, Egg whites contains vitamins required by your skin and they’re less dehydrating than other blackhead solutions. To apply it, remove the egg yolk to remain with the white part then wash your face. Wait for about 10-20 minutes for your face to dry then rub your skin with egg white using a tissue paper. Allow it to dry then smear another egg white layer on your face using a tissue paper. When the egg white dries up on your face. Remove the tissue and then rinse your face to do away with any residue before drying your skin.

4. Exercise Regularly

Sweats opens and cleanses the skin thus can help reduce and also prevent blackheads from appearing on your skin. When you exercise a lot, your body burns up a lot of fat in your body which are released off the body through sweat, this fluid flows naturally on your skin surface and washes away anything blocking your pores. However, it is always important to you bathe immediately after any physical activity, otherwise blackheads will start forming on your skin.

5. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating is another effective option to use when getting rid of blackheads since it removes dead skin cells from your skin. These dead cells are likely to block your pores thus resulting to whiteheads, acne as well as blackheads. Exfoliating your skin will also improve blood circulation in your skin layers therefore giving you a soft and healthy shining skin. To exfoliate, use jojoba oil because it has the same properties with skin sebum. Alternatively, you can use olive oil, sweet almond or grape oil. To apply it, mix 4 tablespoonful of jojoba oil with one cup of sugar, blending till the mixture is completely incorporated. Ensure your face is wet before applying it on your skin.

Final Verdict

With these natural remedies, you can prepare them at home and end up saving a lot of money besides obtaining a soft and healthy blackhead-free skin. Furthermore, you will not be worried by the harmful side effects brought about by commercial adhesives not only on your skin but on your general health as well.