10 Things Every Mom Needs

Strollers, pacifiers, toys and cute rompers: When a baby is on the move, we can hardly restrain ourselves from shopping for baby things. We have found 10 products that make you and your baby happy and are really useful. Would you prefer to get the practical things for free? Our tip: Create a baby wish list online that you can pass on to friends and relatives – this way you avoid duplicate and unusable gifts. Really practical isn’t it? We are now shopping these baby things:

1. Bib with a trough

When babies learn to eat at around six months, it usually turns into a big mess. Because often more porridge ends up on the clothes and the table than in the child’s mouth. But that need not be! We have found a super ingenious bib for your child: The dimensionally stable bib with a trough from BabyBjörn simply catches the leftovers. An additional plus: The bib is simply rinsed off with water, done! This is how fun is fun.

2. Nursing wristband

Definitely a must for every stylish mom: The “Remember´mich” nursing bracelet by Baby-Sue is super practical and just looks cool. The bracelet consists of pearls, numbers from 1-12 and a pendant. Each number is followed by four pearls, each of which stands for a quarter of an hour. So if you have breast-fed your baby at 8:30, you simply place the pendant two pearls after 8. We like!

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3. Bottle warmer

And here comes the next must-have for new mums: the bottle warmer from Philips Avent! You can easily feed your baby on the go, because the bottle warmer warms up milk anywhere and anytime in a few minutes. We have already put the bottle warmer in our Amazon shopping cart. And you?

4. Forehead thermometer

Measuring the temperature of a baby is often not that easy. That is why the non-contact forehead thermometer from Braun is simply awesome! You can even use it to measure the temperature of your sleeping baby without waking it up.

5. Fruit sucker

You want to give your baby fresh fruit and vegetables, but are you afraid that it could swallow them? Do not worry! Here comes the super practical fruit sucker from Primamma. Simply pour various fruits and vegetables into the silicone part, screw them onto the handle with the screw ring, and enjoyment can begin. The fruit teat is recommended for babies from eight months.

6. Vial water cooler

“Is the bottle at the right temperature?” No more guesswork! Now comes the bottle cooler “Cool Twister”. The Nip Cool Twister cools boiling water to drinking temperature in just a few seconds. How? Simply fill the measuring cup with boiled water, turn the Cool Twister by 180 degrees, place it on the threaded neck of the measuring cup and screw it tight. Turn the screwed units over again and place them on the neck of the baby bottle. The hot water now runs automatically – without electricity – through the cooling spiral and is cooled.

7. Baby carrier

How long have we waited for this invention? A baby carrier that relieves the back and protects the shoulders and neck muscles! And there it is: The Hippychick baby carrier is a back support belt with an integrated padded foam carrier so that parents can carry their children on their hips. Back pain is a thing of the past!

8. Security mirror car

Is it still sleeping What is it doing? Is he alright? With a car safety mirror, you no longer have to turn around every five minutes while driving to look after your baby. With the special rear view mirror, you have everything in view: Simply attach the mirror to the headrest bars of the rear seat and adjust it so that you can see your baby through the normal rear view mirror.

9. Automatic rocking chair

How awesome is this invention, please? A rocking chair that gently rocks your baby to sleep. We fell in love with the Babyfield model. This comes with different vibration and swing levels, 16 gentle melodies for relaxation and two educational toys made of plush. What more do you want?!

10.Knee pads

When babies start to crawl, there is usually no stopping them. The little ones want to explore everything of course and slide with their knees over some painful ground. Open knees are the norm. We have found ingenious knee pads so that you no longer have to watch your darling with a painfully twisted face. These are simply pulled over the bare leg like gauntlets. Anti-slip knobs also provide more grip on smooth floors. The big crawling can begin!


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