3 Hair Defects That Make You Look Older

Even without gray hair , women with an unfavorable hairstyle quickly look a few years older. Which cuts, stylings and hair colors have an optical anti-aging effect – and which hair mistakes you should avoid if you want to look youthful and fresh.

What hair mistakes should you avoid to look younger?

To estimate the age of our counterpart, a look in the face or on the skin is usually enough – but because of the many opportunities to cheat a little younger, guessing can go wrong quickly. What you often don’t think about when it comes to advantageous styling is the hairstyle. Sure, people with gray hair often look older than they may sometimes be. But apart from the hair color, there are a lot of hair faux pas that make us look older – and vice versa: some cuts, stylings and hair colors flatter the face and make it shine.

The wrong hairstyle

The older we get, the more fat we lose – especially on the face. This suddenly emphasizes edges and hard lines. The hairstyle therefore plays an important role in ensuring a fresh appearance with increasing age. Many women think that long hair also radiates lightness at 40 and older and makes it look younger. However, this is only true to a limited extent: if the hair lies too smoothly on the head, wrinkles are emphasized, the entire hairstyle looks bland and heavy. On the other hand, if the hair is too thick, this will also optically age you by a few years. For long hair, therefore, make sure you have a good cut that gives your hairstyle volume and smooth movement. Slightly layered gives medium-long to long hair more shape and definition.

Hair that is too short can also be disadvantageous for women 40plus: It is therefore essential that you discuss your hairstyle project with a hairdresser who will work with you to find a short hairstyle that suits your hair structure and facial features. Short hair also requires regular professional care: A short hairstyle that has already grown out also makes the wearer look older. You should therefore have your short haircut trimmed regularly so that it keeps its shape and does not look neglected.

Also be careful with straight hair , which should be given movement with the help of styling tools: You should not work hair that is not naturally curled too much with a curling iron or a perm : Extreme, voluminous curls look stale to women 40 plus . Better: Light beach waves for a natural look, which you can refresh in a short time even with hectic morning rush in the bathroom with a curler or curling iron.

The wrong hair color

For a beneficial look with an anti-aging effect, it is important to match the hair color to the skin tone. If you have natural blonde hair or like to lighten your darker hair, you don’t have to do without your usual hair color even with 40plus. But be careful when choosing the shade of blond: too lightly worn, blond quickly turns pale and draws attention to small wrinkles on the face, which sometimes only become visible as a result. In this case, work better with blonde highlights that give the whole hair a lighter tone without making it look unnaturally blonde.

Do you have naturally fine hair? Then please do not dye black under any circumstances . Because with age the hair becomes even finer – and dark hair you can see exactly whether it is thick or rather fine. In addition, dark hair reflects shadows on the face, which emphasize wrinkles more strongly.

The solution: younger people look the right shade

A blonde shade that women over 40 can wear very well is a natural medium to dark blonde that goes slightly brown. Also warm brown tones and reds with light engraving are particularly advantageous to mature women. In general, if you want to lighten your hair, you should dye it a maximum of one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color so that the shade matches your skin type and has a flattering effect.

If you prefer to tone or dye your hair darker than your natural hair color, you shouldn’t dye the entire length in one tone – this looks too hard and makes you look older. On the other hand, subtle highlights in different shades of color or so-called ” babylights ” appear, for which only individual, very fine strands of hair are lightened in order to create a natural look.

Color extremes are the real old-fashioned ones – overly brightened or very dark hair looks rather disadvantageous from a certain age. With a natural, warm shade, you are usually right with 40plus, because warm colors give the hair more shine through light reflections and make it look younger and healthier.
In order to find the shade that best suits your hair, age and individual face shape, you should keep your hands off color experiments at home and be sure to seek advice from a professional who can use color cards, for example, to determine a type-appropriate hair color. And take a look at this: These hair colors make you look younger immediately

The wrong hair styling

In the middle, on the side, in a zigzag look: Many top variants do not suit every face shape. These mistakes when choosing hair styling make you look older:

Hair styling with a side parting is easier to handle and rejuvenate : when properly positioned, the side parting conceals forehead lines and acts as a kind of soft-focus filter for the face. The crown looks particularly advantageous if it is not parted too far to the right or left, but somewhat offset from the center of the head. Side parting ensures a youthful look in many styling variants: with loose buns, a ponytail or romantic updos with fine highlights loosely pulled out of the hairstyle. Actually a relic from the early 2000s, the zigzag apex still has a rejuvenating effect today. With a straight haircut, you can use this parting to create a step effect that does not require a visit to the hairdresser. At the same time, the zigzag parting loosens up the hairstyle and ensures beautiful and softer falling hair.


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