4 Tips To Dress Like A Royal

There is something about royal people and their wide varieties of dresses. All of us have this fantasy to dress like a royal and have dinner at the Buckingham palace, this might not be possible but you can definitely take tips from the royals and dress like them. You might have stalked the Instagram pages and researched a lot about the royal dress code but that might not include all the tricks. Being a commoner you can also dress and look like a royal princess. But although they embrace a style that is modern there are certain dress codes and trends to follow.

You can start with skirts and dresses but there you need to be particular about the length of the dress as you might have noticed the royals do not wear dresses that are above the length. There are many such protocols like wearing neutral colors that are sober and pleasant on the eyes. You also have to be particular about the kind of shoes you wear not too funky and something that looks professional and classy. If you are someone looking for a variety of tips and tricks that will help you look like a royal then you are at the right place, in this guide we include everything you need to know-

1. Skirts/dresses

The queen prefers skirts and dresses not to be too short and is mostly seen in skirts and dresses. If you want to dress up like a royalty you have to be very careful about what you are wearing, how much skin is showing. You can also wear pants according to your preference as Meghan Markel does, but skirts and dresses make you look more ladylike. The skirts and dresses should be around knee-length for royal women and it should never be more than three or four inches above your knee.

2. Bags/clutches

When you are stepping out of the house, carrying a clutch is a must. You may have noticed that the queen is never seen with a handbag. There are few reasons to carry a clutch/bags, the queen sends signals through her bag to her staffs, for example if the queen wants to end the conversation she will move her bag from one hand to other and the royal ladies should always carry the bags in their left hand. Clutches also have a different purpose of carrying, it is used to hide their chest while bending down or getting out of the car.

3. Hats

The queen likes wearing hats and insists others on wearing hats for formal occasions, such as weddings and christenings. In case the queen isn’t wearing a hat, which is a very rare sight to see she still keeps her head covered with a crown or a headscarf instead. Hats are a part of an old English tradition. The queen’s hats always perfectly match her outfits. the royals also have a fondness for outlandish headwears. But this doesn’t include the tiara, only married royal women have the right to wear a tiara and not the unmarried girl.

4. Bright color clothes

Every time you see any member of the royal family you might be wondering, why are they always in neutral colors? That is because the royals are not allowed to wear bright clothes they always wear clothes that are sober and subtle. Not only about the clothes even the nail polish they use is clear polish or subtle pinks. They are usually seen wearing only natural looking polishes. They often experiment with different shades but they are always a pleasure to the eyes, so start wearing colors that are pleasant and look classy.


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