6 Ways To Style Bandeau Top

Bandeau tops has taken over the wardrobes and no doubt these are one of the most comfortable thing to wear in the summer and not only that but they are also a party staple. This trend need a special consideration for its Bandeau tops come in different patterns and many styles but one of the most popular one is the bohemian print silk bandeau. Bandeau are indeed a versatile style option and looks good on any body type flaunting the collar bone with sporty touch and alluring finishes. The limit for bandeau tops are no more in the borders of clubs and beaches you can also wear it to a meeting.

You should wear what you love as long as you are comfortable and happy.In case you still don’t know how to wear a bandeau top, don’t worry no shame in that. Unless you are gigiHadid or selenagomez, they can be relatively daunting to style. It’s important to start from the basics and you can opt for basic colors that you go with any bottoms like grey, black and red.And we are ready to hand you over some cool outfits inspiration. Take a look and find your perfect outift this season.

1. Basics first

This is perfect for the people who don’t like too many colors and prints and want to go basic. Pair up a basic black or red bandeau top with a light wash mom jeans or boyfriend jeans and team it with few layered jewellery and you are good to go. In case you want to get sleek look thrown on a jacket and wear a slim belt to pull it together.

2. Beyond wild

A tie front silk bandeau top is a must for the beaches. If you’re okay with a little more than usual then you have try this. You can pair it up with a paper bag shorts and a hat.

3. Overall twist

Baggy clothes are making a major comeback and what better time to pair the two for a trendy duo and get rachel green vibes then now. Pair any basic or striped bandeau top with a pair of faded baggy overalls and look sexy and comfortable at the same time.

4. Sexy formal

Formals has always been a headache, the first word comes in my mind when I think about formals is “boring” but worry no more, now you can look stylish and go to work. This combination was beyond imagination but thanks to the designers it’s possible now. Take any printed blazer and shorts and put it up with a solid color bandeau or you can also opt for monochrome suit with a bandeau.

5. Skirt with bandeau

The market was flooded with crop tops in the 90s and we have got our perfect replacement but without a strap. Bandeau tops can also work like a crop top. Find a funky skirt and pair it up with a cute bandeau top. The high waisted skirt will look elegant with just a few inches of your mid-riff showing. Its perfect for walking on the beach during the summer and maybe slaying the red carpet, you never know.

6. Sporty tee

Now for your everyday hustle you can either buy a baggy fit tshirt with holes or a large armhole tshirt. You can also take your boyfriend’s old tshirt and move your hands over it with a pair of scissors. A bandeau under a large arm hole tank top or a baggy t-shirt with holes will look really sporty and casual.This combo works great for a perfect gym outfit.


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