7 Workout Clothing Essentials For Every Girl Out There

If you’re someone like us whose Newyear’s resolution involves taking a gym membership, then you’re just at the right place. It takes a lot to find the motivation and wearing the right kind of outfit might help you get that push. From wearing sweats or a pair of black leggings with oversized t-shirts for the gym to being spoilt for choice by brands like Nike, Puma, and Adidas that invest their soul into their customer satisfaction, we just couldn’t get luckier. And all thanks to the trend of yoga and gymming that people are now actually concerned about their health.

Choosing the right kind of outfit for your gym is an important thing, it is different for each one of us. Some like wearing shorts to the gym and some like to wear casual trousers. It depends on the kind of fabric you chose and also the length of the outfit. There are several brands out there who are doing a great job by putting together all the basic essential needs. So here we bring you a list of 6 workout clothing essentials that every girl should own.

1. Tank Tops

The most basic piece of clothing that everyone owns is a tank top, these are made up of soft and breathable fabric which helps a lot while working out as they are comfortable and are not very tight on our body. Not everybody wants to work out wearing something that’s skin-tight. Tank tops are something that’s stylish but also offers breathing room.

2. Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are the need of the hour, you can easily see two out of five people wearing yoga pants not only to the gym but also in regular life. These are stretchable, comfortable and are easy while working out. Also, they can function as casual pants too.

3. Oversized T-shirts

If you have a yoga class at six and drinks at eight, you can rely on these oversized t-shirts that can easily go from day to night and gym to restaurant. Every girl must have an oversized t-shirt and if you’re someone who doesn’t have one yet, go and grab it from your brother’s wardrobe.

4. Sports Bras

These are the most recommended piece of workout wear, you can opt for a strappy bralette if you want to wear something that’s cool and trendy or can also get your hands on a casual sports bra to just go for the workout. At the same time, you can go for a zip-up sports bra, if you’re a fan of the Kardashian clan you must be familiar with this piece of clothing.

5. Joggers

If you’re someone who’s tired of leggings and yoga pants, give a try on joggers. These are extremely light and comfortable, perfectly suitable for gyms and yoga classes. It gives you a chic look and yet at the same time are very fashionable.

6. Cropped hoodies

For days when the temperature gets a little down but your workout involves a mountain. Cropped hoodies are the trend of the season, every celebrity you see walking out of their gym are wearing it. You can go for a pair of leggings with these cropped hoodies, and can also wear them with casual denim while going out with your buddies.

7. Colorful Leggings

Go for something bright and colorful. Adding colorful clothing to your workout wear will give you that bright positive feel which will give you the right kind of motivation. Try experimenting with blues, reds, and greens, but make sure you make the full out of your gym membership.


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