8 Most Expensive Jewelry

Jewelry has been an important part of clothing for as long as one can think of. We use jewels and accessories to make us look more attractive and elegant. Jewels are made of minerals carefully cut and polished impeccably. Jewels are something that sometimes comes with social status. The great importance of jewelry has been from ancient times, this is something that we have inherited from our ancestors. Jewelry is important for a woman on special occasions like a birthday, the birth of a child and weddings. They add an element of beauty to the overall look. Everywhere in the world, we can see women wear quite a variety of jewelry.

Jewelry is something that represents prestige, wealth and power in our society. It is said to bring the best in a woman’s personality. Doesn’t matter if you are wearing a heavy choker or just a minimal bracelet, it embraces every look. This has been important in every culture and serves several purposes. Diamond and platinum are two metals that are highly expensive and is loved by a wide range of audience. However, there are some of the most expensive jewels that cost hell high, if you are curious about what these pieces of jewelry are and how much they cost then keep reading further:

1. Chopard 201 carat watch

These watches are the most expensive in the world, they contain 874 diamonds of various different sizes and the biggest weighing 15 carats. The Chopard company is known for its products and for the elite.

2. Hutton-Mdivani necklace

It is one of the most expensive jewels of Cartier. The garment has 27beads of 15 millimeters of diameter, carefully carved and a translucent and hypnotic green color.

3. The perfect pink

A magnificent ring with rectangular shape, and mounted in white gold and rose of 18 carats, pink diamonds have been said as the most beautiful gemstones, this piece of diamond is actually rare and less than 10% of diamonds are this color or most of them just have traces of purple, orange, and other elements.

4. Diamond bikini

This is so far the most expensive piece of bra in the world, these were produced by victoria’s secret, these are something that weighs more than 150 carats in diamond, these are extremely expensive and values around 3 million dollars.

5. Graff pink

These are a piece of rare pink diamond that weighs around 24.78 carats, this has been known as one of the best diamond ever discovered. Sources say that it was purchased for the private collection Harry Winston and was after sold to Laurence Graff.

6. The pink star diamond ring

This piece is famous for its shape and is included in the most expensive piece of jewelry in the world. Jewelry expert says that this is that on the gemstone that overweighs size and quality that ever existed around the world.

7. Wittelsbach

this is the most expensive piece of jewelry in the world. This has a fancy deep blue color and was found in Indian kingdom Golconda, it was purchased by King Philip 4 as a dowry to his daughter. There are many stories that say this diamond was sold to a family of the royal family and now this diamond is studded as the centerpiece in the crown of the Queen

8. Zoe diamond

It is important to note that colored diamonds are very rare and unique in their own way, the possibility of these kinds of the diamond is very less, they are sent for classification and rare color of the blue diamond is very difficult to find.


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