8 Times Alia Bhatt Proved Denim Is A Staple In A Girls Wardrobe

Considered as one of the finest actors in the Bollywood and commonly known for her choice of work and dressing sense Alia Bhatt never fails to impress her fans. Her fashion statements are a major inspiration for the current generation from the street style to glamming up for a high profile event Bhatt knows how to manage it all. She is undoubtedly talented and has a great presence of mind, she never diffidence to try out on new trends and fashion statements and sometimes goes unconventional ways as well.

Bollywood actresses have been giving us a new and unique fashion style from over the past 3 decades. Currently, many Bollywood divas including Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor are giving us major fashion goals. There are many girls demanding the same style of denim, dresses or sarees that these divas wore. Alia Bhatt is making headlines every now and then, she can slip into a saree as easily as she can make a pair of denim look cool, and we all know denim is her comfort clothes. So here are 8 times Alia Bhatt proved denim staples in a girls’ wardrobe.

1. T-shirt and jeans

Like us, Alia Bhatt also prefers to keep it casual with a basic t-shirt and jeans. You can wear this on a relaxed Sunday runch or gathering in a relaxed mood to chill. Alia Bhatt dons these kinds of the outfit when she is in a mood to chill and is free from her shooting schedule.

2. Dungaree dress

Dungarees are a major throwback to the days when we were kids, it is back in fashion and we recently spotted Alia Bhatt wearing a dungaree and pair it with a striped round neck top. You can also pair it with basic t-shirts.

3. Off the shoulder top with ripped denim

Alia Bhatt was seen wearing an off the shoulder printed top paired with knee cut ripped denim for her movie promotions. You can definitely try out this kind of outfits with printed black blue and green kind of tops.

4. All denim

Now, this is something that many of us like wearing a denim on denim look. The actress posted a picture of her on her social media wearing a unique denim shirt with two shades which has one bright blue denim and another side has a dark blue denim color. She teamed it up with dark blue denim pants and white sneakers.

5. One-piece denim dress

Alia Bhatt dons a single piece of denim dress for an event. It is a short dress that has a half white shirt and the dress comprises of two pockets that she uses to pose. You get your hands on these kinds of dress and wear it for events like parties and birthdays.

6. Casual torn jeans with a full-sleeved t-shirt

Again the actress was spotted in the airport going all comfy with a star printed pastel-colored full-sleeved t-shirt and torn jeans. She put on sneakers and a great pair of sunnies as well to keep the flow going.

7. Overcoat with denim jeans

Now, this is something that’s very unique, Alia wears the coat on the top cut t-shirts with ripped denim. You can try these kinds of outfit for events and parties to show off your style sense.

8. Tank tops with light wash denim

Tank tops and light wash denim go hand in hands so like the actress paired her mustard-colored top with a light wash denim you can also opt for something like this.


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