Top 5 Benefits Of Fennel Seeds You Should Know About

Basically, fennel seeds are the seeds of the flowering plant known as Fennel which belongs to the carrot family. The plant has many benefits, ranging from medicinal to nutritional and culinary. These Benefits Of Fennel Seeds have made it naturalized in all parts of the globe. Fennel seeds have remarkable medicinal value owing to the antioxidants and phytonutrients contained in them. The seeds are being used worldwide to treat a variety of ailments which range from asthma to high blood pressure.

Benefits of Fennel Seeds

Regulation of Blood Pressure

Fennel seeds can be used to regulate the level of blood pressure when they are chewed. This is because they contain high amounts of potassium which are essential in body fluids as well as cells. Potassium assists in controlling the rate of heart beat, thus regulating the flow of blood. 

Also, chewing of the fennel seeds stimulate the increase of nitrite in saliva which also comes in handy during regulation of blood pressure. In addition, the seeds contain calcium which helps in keeping the blood pressure optimal. Calcium maintains the rate at which the heart beats and also enhances toning of blood vessels.

Improving The Health Status of Hair

Fennel seeds possess antimicrobial properties and contain antioxidants which are useful in the treatment of various hair ailments. These hair ailments include hair falling, hair breakages, dandruffs, and scalp itchiness. Fennel seeds are used alongside glycerin and cider vinegar solution to treat dry and itchy scalp when the resulting solution is applied on the scalp. The seeds are used to strengthen hair from the roots which in turn prevents the hair from falling off and also breaking.

Top 5 Benefits Of Fennel Seeds

Boosting Red Blood Cell Production

Among the numerous minerals contained in fennel seeds is copper which plays a vital role in the process of producing red blood cells in the body. People who have been diagnosed with low levels of red blood cells are encouraged to consume the seeds. This can be done by either preparing a solution using dried fennel seeds and warm water or chewing the seeds in small amounts and swallowing the solution.

Treating Indigestion, Constipation, Bloating & IBS

In treating the above mentioned ailments, the seeds are used to prepare fennel tea. Fennel seeds contain oils that are composed of anethole, fenchone and estragole. These three components give the fennel plant anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties which are useful in treating digestive diseases. Fennel seed oils are useful in the promotion of gastric enzymes production which assist in initiating the digestion process. This makes the seeds suitable for treating IBS. The oils found in the seeds have numerous gastrointestinal benefits which improve the digestive tract and its functionality.

Treatment of Health Complications

Fennel seeds are essential in the treatment of asthma and other respiratory diseases such as congestion, bronchitis and cough. This is achieved through the phytonutrients contained in the seeds which assist in clearing sinuses. The seeds contain vitamin A which is useful in improving eyesight. Also, they protect the body from different forms of cancer such as breast, stomach and skin cancer which is achieved with the help of the seeds’ properties. The mineral properties of the seeds act as free radical scavengers and they also possess chemo modulatory effects.


From the benefits discussed above, fennel seeds are found to contain several benefits to the human body and thus they can be used to improve bodily health.