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In order to be able to support the feet individually in everyday life or in sports, different requirements are placed on the footwear. Since the right technique for running and a good shoe relieve the back and counteract problems of the musculoskeletal system, the association “ Aktion Gesunder Rück “Guidelines for healthy footwear issued. In addition to the active and leisure shoes for adults, special attention is also paid to children’s shoes.

Active shoes

In addition to cushioning support, you should also allow the greatest possible movement for the ankles. An insole that supports the arch of the foot and the sensors is just as important as adequate heel cushioning. High-quality material that matches the natural shape of the foot does not hinder the rolling behavior, but supports the natural movement. Of course, the shoes have to fit both in length and width and, in the best case, be adjustable. Anyone who needs special insoles must also pay attention to interchangeable insoles. In order for the shoe to protect the foot well, a non-slip sole made of durable and high-quality materials is essential.

Casual shoe

Anyone who is in work shoes or fashionable shoes all day for professional reasons would do well to treat their feet to relaxation and relief in the leisure time with the right shoes. The cushioning support and fit are also essential for casual shoes. Good ventilation and moisture resistance ensure a healthy climate for the feet. The casual shoes should be easy to clean and made of low-pollutant materials and have a non-slip sole. Despite safe foot guidance, the rolling behavior should not be hindered. If the foot can be stimulated by the underground, this contributes to relaxation and better blood circulation. Interchangeable inserts or adjustable straps add to the comfort.

Children’s shoes

As the feet of children are not yet fully developed, special care should be taken when buying shoes that the shoes do not change the shape of the foot and that natural foot movement is made possible. Low weight and a flexible material, as well as a non-slip sole are a must for children’s shoes. To ensure a perfect fit, children’s feet should always be re-measured every time they buy shoes. Velcro or elastic inserts make it easier to put on and take off.

Tips for buying shoes

Basically, shoes should be in the afternoon or bought in the early evening as the feet are usually a bit thicker. Since the left foot swells a little more in many people than the right foot (this is due to the pumping power of the heart on the left side), it is advisable to always try on both shoes. New shoes should not be worn for more than half an hour at the start. If you find pressure points that have not disappeared after a maximum of 10 minutes, the shoe must be widened at the affected area or replaced with a more suitable model.

Running and other sports shoes

As different as the sports are, the requirements for the suitable sports shoe are also different. Running shoes cover the largest range. They are divided into different categories.

  • Joggers without foot problems get along well with neutral shoes.
  • Anyone who needs support in the event of a foot misalignment is looking for a suitable model for motion control shoes.
  • Lightweight shoes were originally only intended for competition, but are increasingly being worn during training.
  • For jogging on forest trails, running shoes with a more pronounced sole profile are available under the name trail shoe.
  • If you still cannot find what you are looking for, you can also have your shoe made to measure.

In addition to the running shoes, the sports shoes also include fitness shoes, indoor shoes, special sports shoes for football, tennis, handball, basketball or volleyball, as well as cycling shoes and various designs for outdoor sports. These include, for example, hiking shoes, Nordic walking shoes, mountaineering shoes or snow and cross-country shoes for the winter. While good damping properties and a non-slip sole are important for the hard hall floor, weatherproofness and safety play a major role in outdoor sports shoes.

Sneakers – ideal casual shoes for healthy feet?

Based on the positive properties of a good sports shoe and taking into account the fashionable feeling, sneakers offer a large selection on models that promote and maintain the health of the feet and at the same time go with the fashion. You can find a wide variety of models divided into women’s, men’s and children’s sneakers.

Sneakers in plain black or gray can be worn with a trouser suit. This makes these casual shoes suitable for the office and also ensure a better foot feeling at work. They emphasize the sporty component when worn with leggings or sweatpants. They spice up some skirts or dresses in fresh colors and airy materials and can be worn instead of high heels or ballerinas. Casual and cool sneakers come in all versions with jeans worn at all times.

In order for sneakers to become “socially acceptable”, attention should be paid to trendy brands and fancier models. With the right laces and matching socks, the sporty lightweight shoes quickly become a fashionable high-light.

Extremely flexible soles and light materials can convey a barefoot feeling and gel soles provide optimal cushioning on hard floors. The best conditions for feet that stay healthy for a long time.


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