How Leggings Are Now Becoming An Unexpected Fashion Trend

The leggings are more comfortable than almost any other pair of pants. This is mainly due to the fact that it has its roots in sports clothing and in equestrian sports over a hundred years ago. In the 1960s, acting legends such as Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot brought the tight trousers into everyday life and in the 1980s the leggings experienced a lot of hype due to the aerobic movement. Pop icons like Cyndi Lauper made them a funky fashion piece of this flashy era.

In the 2010s, the pants reappeared on the fashion radar as the fashionable heart of the mainstream yoga movement. As a trend, comfortable yoga pants quickly made their way from the gym to the street. Reason enough for the international designers to bring the 2020 leggings back onto the catwalk as a luxurious it-piece, which has now experienced a special upswing in the course of the quarantine. The comfortable trousers will also accompany us beyond the home office period and has announced itself as an important fashion trend not only for spring / summer 2020, but also for the coming winter.

Leggings: This Is How They Are Now Becoming An Unexpected Fashion Trend From The Runway

The leggings are shown in various facets in the current season. The French traditional house Saint Laurent plays with different epochs and presents leggings with a bridge that exudes 60s vibes as well as 80s attitude. In combination with a shoulder-free top with ruffled border on the cleavage, the pants even get a touch of 70’s flair and thus prove how versatile they are.

The label Off-White, on the other hand, refers to the sporty image of the trend trousers and presents black leggings with a yoga look. Slits on the leg hem give the skintight trousers a fashionable touch.

The French traditional house Chanel relies on the eccentric flair of the 80s and makes its leggings with logo prints an it-piece with lots of retro vibes. The investment in high quality leggings is now worthwhile. Because the hype around the pants will continue in the coming season. The French label Saint Laurent makes the pants the star of its autumn / winter 2020/21 collection and puts them on in winter in eccentric latex. A styling trick that we are already seeing from the autumn / winter 2020/21 catwalk: boxy blazers , loafers and belts at the waist make the trousers classy even in the current transition period.

Trend Styling: How To Wear The Leggings In Quarantine And After

In the current home office phase, the leggings are particularly famous for their comfort as a fashion trend. Go for a casual lounge look for your trousers at home. Loose knit sweaters and loafers are cozy partners who look stylish at the same time. If you want to give the lounge wear style an 80s vibe, you can even wear a tight body in the home office. With a boxy blazer over it and trendy mules, the look for everyday use in the supermarket is fine.

This year, the pants are not only reserved for the home office. The French traditional house Chanel shows on its Cruise 2019/20 catwalk, how to style leggings now in a stylish way for the transition period. In the 80s look à la Lady Di. Wear gaudy tweed blazers in pink, girlish cardigans in candy colors like light blue or pink, and cropped blouson jackets. Pointed pumps, XL gold ear clips and chain belts now take the retro style to the extreme.


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