Ladies, Look Sassy In Office With These Formal Dresses!

Most of the girls feel that office wear has to be plain and bland. Well, there is no rule where it says that formals have to be simple and colourless. To create a dashing look, you can introduce colours to your everyday outfit to make it look interesting. Almost all the ladies would feel awkward to look colourful formal clothes to office mostly because they would not know how to team them up. The tips given below would not just make you look sassy but, also classy. So, checking this article would help you a lot to dress-up appropriately to office.

Ruffles are perfect choices

Wearing a pencil skirt with a plain top can make you look too ordinary. If you want to look chic then, try wearing ruffled tops with your pencil skirts. Wearing these ruffled tops with minimal accessories like a pair of diamond studs and a perfect rose-metal watch with high-heels can make you look extraordinary. Ruffled tops look perfect on petite framed bodies because the ruffles would make your look beautiful. Try wearing pastel coloured ruffle tops with dark coloured skirts and walk into your office like a diva. It will make you look professional and yet amazing.

A-line skirts with layered tops

A-line skirts would always make you look like a diva because of the stitch and also the colors that you may choose. However, one must understand that wearing stylish A-line skirts with some normal tops isn’t going to create a classy look. A-line skirts when worn with the trendy layered tops can be an ideal outfit to offices. These skirts when worn with the layered tops would look brilliant and would make you stand out.

For the ones who are tall, choose A-line skirts that are bright and team them up with pastel colour layered tops to create an ideal outfit. For the ones who are short, try picking up dark colour skirts like Black. Navy Blue or green and team them up with brighter colour layered tops like the red, aquamarine blue etc… The bright coloured tops would automatically enhance the overall looks immediately.

Cigarette pants with tunics

Cigarette pants are considered to be one of the classiest clothing of all times. Wearing the cigarette pants in a fashionable way to office can make you look stunning. That can happen when you wear it with the right kind of tunics. Cigarette pants when teamed with classic patterned shirts – polka dots, pin stripes and plaids can make you look stunning.

These classic patterned shirts can be worn to office without any guilt and the same outfit with slight alterations can also create a casual look within instance. The same shirts can just be tucked out and with a high pony; you would be ready to rock the dance floor.

Plaid suits

There are a lot of parties which the clients might organize. During those times, it becomes important not to just look official but, also cool and sophisticated. Suits can be a perfect outfit but, again that depends on the kind of suits that you choose to wear. Plaid suits are classy and trendy as well. Pick up a medium contrast plaid trousers and a plaid blazer and team it up with a collared white shirt. Wear high-heels or peep toes, and with the right accessories you are good for the party.

Well, these are some of the outfits that you could choose to wear to office to look stylish and also remain comfortable throughout the day. While most of the people feel office is a boring place, you can make it interesting by wearing some interesting clothes.


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