Learn How To Repeat Jewellery Like Ishaambani

The Ambani’s are always dressed in their best but just like us the Ambani women too repeat their jewellery. The Ambani women are always spotted in stunning outfits andluxurious jewellery. The amazing jewellery these women wear is no less than a crore and it’s okay for you to think that these women do not repeat their jewellery but that’s not the truth, the privileged family does repeat their jewellery and not once but many times. Just like garments jewellery can also be worn in many different waysLearn the art of repeating with ishaAmbani.

We have spotted the family especially Isha and her mom repeat their jewellery so many times recently and even in the past, it is not something that’s unusual but a part of life. The important thing while repeating your jewellery or even your outfits is your presence of mind. Make sure you pair your jewellery with different outfits and people might not even notice it being repeated. Repeating clothes and jewellery is an art and you must know how to ace it with ease.So let us learn this art from Isha who never fails to impress us with her looks.

1. Art of layering

Layering is a great way to create multiple looks with a piece of limited jewellery but that obviously not the case with the Ambani’s but still, the Ambani’s daughter was spotted repeating her jewellery in multiple occasions. IshaAmbani was seen in velvet rose pink blouse with Peter pan collar filled with intricate zardozi embroidery and gorgeous mint green lehenga. She completed the look with statement earrings and choker, she was spotted wearing the same choker in a Sabyasachi hand-embroidered lehenga along with anemerald neckpiece. The Choker and necklace were so beautiful layered that few didn’t even realise that the choker was repeated. It is a very important part to mix and match your jewellery this will make you experiment with different metals and at the same time will make it look different.

2. Pair it with other outfits

If you want to wear the same jewellery on different occasions without being noticed then you gotta be smart. Seems like ishaAmbani has mastered in repeating jewellery without being noticed and one of the most important ways is changing the outfit. If you want to go unnoticed never wear the same outfit with the same jewellery. IshaAmbani was spotted repeating her diamond and ruby necklace at her loving brother Akash Ambani’s wedding. She wore a pink and peach coloured lehenga in the morning for baraat and repeated her jewellery with a different outfit in the evening.

3. Shift the attention

You might see a few people more frequently and it’s not always easy to wear different jewellery on a regular basis but there’s something you can do, want to know what? It’s a very simple trick, just shift the attention from your jewellery to your clothes, wear something that has prints and embroidery, avoid wearing basic clothes as basics draw more attention towards the accessories.

4. Timespan

It’s common sense, of course,learn to rotate your jewellery in a way that leaves enough days in between them so that you won’t be seen repeating jewellery closely. AsIsha did, she repeated the same jewellery that she wore at her engagement party at a recent wedding which people couldn’t even notice instantly. Make sure you are taking some time before repeating your jewellery, pair it with different outfits and for different occasions. this will create an illusion and make you look different.


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