The Best Tips For Your Jeans Styling

Most of you may have heard the term “girlfriend jeans” at some point – but only a few really know what these jeans actually look like. Girlfriend jeans have been one of the most popular types of jeans for years . Why? Quite simply: Girlfriend pants sit comfortably, but look super feminine at the same time. Plus: they are true styling wonders.¬†We will tell you how boyfriend, mom and girlfriend jeans differ and how you can combine the girlfriend models correctly.

Boyfriend Jeans vs. Girlfriend jeans: that’s the difference

As a reminder: boyfriend jeans sit extremely loosely on the buttocks, hips and legs and have a straight tapered leg. In addition, her waistband usually sits a little lower on the hip. Boyfriend jeans are often referred to as loose fit jeans due to their wide cut. The girlfriend jeans also fit comfortably – but overall they are cut a little more closely (especially on the buttocks and hips), which differentiates them from the boyfriend jeans. Her cut is, so to speak, exactly between skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans.

Other features of the girlfriend jeans: They have a not so deep waistband (as with boyfriend models), usually end just above the ankle and do not require any stretch.

The difference between mom and girlfriend jeans

Girlfriend jeans are often confused with the popular mom jeans . The reason: Even with girlfriend pants, the pants legs run a little tighter from top to bottom. While the leg of the mom jeans fits tightly to the ankle and runs more like a carrot downwards, there is still some air between the ankle and the pants in girlfiend jeans. In addition, the waistband sits a little higher with mom jeans.

Combine girlfriend jeans: that’s what matters

Girlfriend jeans are comfortable, yet provide a beautiful feminine silhouette and are also extremely versatile in terms of styling. If you like it more sporty, you can easily combine the jeans with a basic shirt and sneakers, for example. By the way, it gets particularly cool with a destroyed model . Girlfriend jeans are also absolutely suitable for business: With a chic blazer , a classic blouse and pumps, the pants can also be worn in everyday office life . Fashion professionals love the combination of chic and casual and therefore prefer to wear their girlfriend jeans in a style break. These can be, for example, feminine lace tops or models with ruffles and flounces that you combine with trousers. High shoes also ensure a great style break look.

The most important styling tips for girlfriend jeans:

  • Wide at the bottom, tight at the top: Combined with girlfriend jeans, figure-hugging tops. Always put oversized shirts in the front of the waistband (keyword: ” French Tuck “!) So that the look does not look too baggy.
  • The same applies to jackets: rather tight rather than wide. Short-cut leather jackets, tailored blazers or straight-cut coats are ideal.
  • Girlfriend jeans look particularly advantageous if you roll up your trouser legs a little at the ankle.
  • For destroyed models: keep the top still, otherwise the look will quickly become too much.

Figure advice: Who do girlfriend jeans stand for?

Another advantage of girlfriend jeans: the pants really suit everyone! No matter whether you are small, tall, curvy or narrow.

For example, girlfriend jeans are ideal for all women who want to hide strong thighs and wide hips . Because the jeans fit loosely on the legs, buttocks and hips and play around the figure beautifully. Particularly flattering for these supposed problem areas are models in dark wash as well as jeans without used effects or other eye-catching details that draw attention to the problem areas.

The following also applies: roll your trouser legs up to your ankles (this emphasizes the slim ties) and focus on the upper body. A cropped crop top is perfect, but you can also just take a flowing shirt or blouse and stick it in the waistband or knot at the waist. If you combine high shoes with your girlfriend jeans, your figure will look slimmer overall.

Small, petite women can also wear girlfriend jeans

Small and dainty women in particular are often afraid that they could literally sink into further clothing and therefore prefer to take the narrow tube. But girlfriend jeans also flatter delicate figures, it just depends on how they are combined. It is important, for example, that the top does not turn out to be too voluminous, because the pants are a little looser. Figure-hugging shirts or short crop tops are better. The jacket should also not be cut too wide and long. The same applies to small women: roll up your trouser legs and put on high heels. They stretch the body and cheat the legs longer.


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