The Brilliant Dress Tips

“You could be the most stylish person in a t-shirt and jeans if you know how to do it. ” Karl Lagerfeld gives you a golden tip: style can be learned and worked on every day. and every fashionista will tell you. Style is in the choice of clothes and accessories of course, but also – and most importantly – in the smallest details of your outfit. And then there is that little sparkle on top of that. But let’s start with the essentials before tackling the ultimate details of the chic woman, so here are 15 brilliant sartorial tips to look stylish with any of your outfits..

Minimal Shopping

Promotions, discounts, sales, destocking, end of series … the temptations to buy clothes and accessories are so numerous that your wardrobe is crumbling under pieces of fast fashion never worn. Or neglected because they have warped or washed out from the first wash. Buy the essentials. Calmly consider each coin before you take out your change. Is it for a special occasion (that is, you’ll only wear it once and then forget about it) or can you wear it often by twisting it in different styles?

Stylish with must-haves

True fashionistas all have one thing in common, an insider’s secret that adapts to all ephemeral fashion trends. This secret they gladly share (but often not taken seriously) is that their closet contains 28 to 37 timeless classics. Trench coat, denim jacket, good quality t-shirt, fitted and oversized shirt, jeans, pencil skirt … No risk of fashion faux pas with these essentials of women’s fashion chosen from noble materials. See these purchases as an investment in clothing that you will be proud of every day. Indeed, all your looks will be elegant and refined with ease.

Always impeccable

You don’t have to invent style: you need to take a good look at the condition of your clothes before wearing them EVERY DAY. Some stains do not come off with a machine wash at 30 or 40 degrees. This is the case, for example, with lipstick stains or deodorant halos that discolor black clothes and turn white ones yellow. Never put on a stained item of clothing first thing in the morning and hope that no one notices because she is mini rikiki. It would really be a bad taste. Track down stains when folding your laundry. If necessary, clean again with warm water and mild soap, insisting on the stain. She resists? Turn to detergents suited to the color and material.

Anticipate small accidents

A stampede that makes your coffee fly off your white blouse, a bad nudge in the restaurant right when you drink your glass of wine, splashing on your new suede shoes … Wearing a stained clothes all day is an experience. most unpleasant. Loss of credibility, sneer from colleagues, etc. To avoid these awkward moments, plan a complete change of outfit at the office: white blouse, straight pants and classic heels will go perfectly with the rest of your outfit of the day. And remember to replace the spare garment the next day.

Surf the trends at low prices

Following the fashion trends season after season requires a substantial budget … Unless you’re a smart fashionista who varies accessories to be fashionable, even with timeless classics. Bags, shoes, jewelry, hats, socks, scarves, gloves, hair accessories … Here’s how to embrace the trend of the moment without breaking the bank. Of course, you can fall for a designer handbag on sale or gold and diamond jewelry. But to show you’re interested in fashion and get lots of compliments every month, there’s nothing like new at a low price.

Insider tip: Before investing in a branded bag, buy three cheap: a small, a medium, and a large. Which one do you prefer according to your lifestyle? A mini for the evenings or a big tote bag for going to college, shopping and going to the beach in one day? You will then know in which type of model to invest.

THE fetish piece

Do you have a garment or accessory that you LOVE? A one-of-a-kind piece that earns you compliments the moment you wear it. It is out of the ordinary, catches the eye and fits you like a glove. Whether it’s a pair of vintage leopard shoes, a flashy jacket, an amazing print … you really should have this kind of piece in your wardrobe!

Pay attention to small details

There are details that ruin your style! Like the color difference between the different metals in your outfit: Does the color of the zip of your shoes match that of your belt buckle, the hooks of the shoulder strap of your bag and your necklace?

Patterns and structures: pitfalls to avoid

To have style is to be aware of your morphology, its strengths and points to work with through cuts, textures, patterns and colors. To have style is to choose the clothes and accessories that will enhance you. So it would be a shame to ruin your efforts by choosing a nice cut but the wrong pattern (and vice versa). Patterns are your allies to brighten up an outfit, give it character and personality. It must absolutely reflect your personality and your style.

Give style to shirt and t-shirt

Do you wear your t-shirt over your jeans, shorts or dress? Know that just one small gesture will show the world how up to date you are with fashion. In addition, changing a very small detail will make you stand out more and make your look more dynamic.


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