The Denim Dress Is The Compromise Between Chic And Comfortable

Recent times have often required you to think outside the box again. Despite the non-physical presence, the meeting should be held as efficiently as possible. Despite the home schooling, the children should have a regular everyday life. The breaks between working and eating should at best be a little more inspiring than the way between the couch and the kitchen. There are now solutions for everything.

Even if these make the best possible out of self-isolation, the somewhat uncomplicated variants are usually the first choice when it comes to the outfit. Clothes made of jeans are all the more practical in this regard . You don’t even have to think outside the box for the fashion trend , nor does styling demand it too much effort. The jeans dress in the current spring / summer 2020 collections shows how chic the perhaps somewhat underestimated trend for spring clothing actually is.

Clothing Trend: The Jeans Dress Is So Versatile In Spring 2020

From a purely stylistic point of view, jeans are one of the most grateful materials. This can already be seen in the many possible uses, from skinny jeans to a denim jacket – or just a denim dress. Nevertheless, every piece of clothing made of jeans also has a downside, which is primarily related to the energy-intensive production. Labels such as Agolde or Stella McCartney are therefore actively committed to using environmentally friendly dyeing techniques for the clothing trend, reducing water consumption in production and sustainableCultivation of organic cotton. This commitment is not only reflected in the extended longevity of the garment, but also in how you as a wearer can re-appreciate jeans. A trend like the denim dress shows in this respect how varied the outfits and styling options of the basics are.

If one assumes that the denim dress is first put in the drawer for the uncomplicated, comfortable and everyday outfit, this is theoretically only one side of the spring clothing trend. From a practical point of view, however, this effortlessness also resonates in the stylistic drawers of a chic to extravagant look. Sometimes it is precisely this aspect that makes jeans the eternal favorite of fashionthat you can rely on. For example, the ensembles at Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini showed how the twist between elegant and casual is created. The denim dress with puff sleeves and golden shimmering ornament applications looks particularly chic due to its feminine cut and shiny details. Thanks to the denim material, the white t-shirt worn underneath and the combination with down-to-earth cowboy boots, the look still seems so confident that it works without problems from morning to evening.

Dress Trend: This Is How You Style Your Denim Dress In Spring 2020

If you want to hold back a little more with your outfit (for home), you can use the reduced styling of Nanushka as a guide. The ankle-length dress made of light denim and with long sleeves is perfect from a functional point of view, as it allows enough freedom of movement and the silhouette looks feminine thanks to the emphasized waist. If the comfortable home slippers are to be exchanged for the walk, robust black boots or sneakers, for example, can provide a cool overall look.

In view of the warmer days in spring, the versatility of the denim dress is of course also ideal for taking the first trip in sandals . Because at this point you can definitely consider not only around the corner, but also the time after self-isolation. So it seems all the more promising that the clothing trend has the best prospects for the most stylish compromise of the season, even outside of home.


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