These T-shirt Trends Are The Perfect Mix Of Cool And Chic In Spring

T-shirt is one of those items of clothing, of which you own a few, which you also wear again and again – and yet often forget. Not because you wouldn’t like them. But among the many variations of blouses and their sleeve variations, a simple T-shirt threatens to go under. In spring 2020, however , the designers will once again be reminded of the changeable variety of the all too often underestimated basic . In view of the time in quarantine, a closer look at the comfortable fashion trend is worthwhile even more. In the course of this, the following three t-shirt trends provide some outfit ideas and stylish inputs on how to style the t-shirt cool and chic at the same time.

1. The T-shirt With Print

Choosing an outfit automatically says something about a person’s personality and values. How neat is the look? Which styles come together and how does the outfit reflect the mood? These questions can never be answered across the board. With clear statements like with a printed T-shirt, however, the instructions become a little clearer. The extent to which you really deal with the galaxies in a trend t-shirt like the one by Christopher Kane for spring 2020 or to look at the world as a whole from time to time is not too important. Rather, an outfit in combination with a T-shirt with print represents the inner attitude that one dares to make a (fashionable) statement. To find out how this conviction can also be seen in the character and appearance of the wearer,

2. The Plain-colored T-shirt

An important aspect should be anticipated for the transition from colorful prints to the plain-colored version of the trend: a simple T-shirt can make an equally strong statement. However, in the less obvious way. But a minimalist-inspired outfit like Max Mara’s spring / summer 2020 shows that the courage to be uninhibitedly reserved stands for incredible self-confidence. Because in this case sticking to neutral colors is anything but boring or bland. The difference lies in the deliberate focus on simplicity, which can also be perfect with a blazer or jeans , for examplelets connect. Translating this attitude into clear and elegant looks in times of a move away from fast-moving trends could not be more contemporary. It is all the more practical that this formula is best applicable to the effortless t-shirt trend.

3. The Polo Shirt

To demonstrate the changeability of a t-shirt in a historical context, a look at the history of the polo shirt seems particularly impressive. The characteristic collar is said to go back to a simple functional detail of polo players in the 20th century, when folded up they protected the players from the sun. However, tennis player René Lacoste is considered the actual inventor. In the 1930s he made the polo shirt the epitome of (tennis) sports clothing.

The fact that the founder of the same name continues to rely on the classic to this day is only an indication that a polo shirt has long since found its way from the sports world into fashion. Because of the chic collar and the button panel, the t-shirt looks elegant and well-groomed despite its sporty origin. Whether in a harmonious beige-brown look combined with wide trousers as with Lacoste spring / summer 2020 or as with Paco Rabanne as a layering outfit worn under the silver mesh dress – as far as variability is concerned, this t-shirt trend is at least as versatile as a blouse .


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