Trendy Ways To Wear A White Shirt

The white shirt is timeless. Although it was once a piece reserved exclusively for workin girl outfits, it is now positioned as a must-have in our wardrobe. The women’s white shirt is not only a great classic but it is also positioned as a real chic and trendy fashion piece. Available in different ultra trendy cuts, there are oversized white shirts, balloon sleeve models, flowing white shirts and others that are very fitted. You will understand, there is something for everyone. We have prepared several outfit ideas for you with a white shirt to create trendy and modern looks.

10 trendy ways to wear a white shirt

The white shirt is a timeless item and a very current fashion piece at the same time. By being on the lookout for the latest trends and streetwear looks, you will find thousands of look inspirations for your outfits. In particular, how to choose the right white shirt and find the perfect piece that will match your style. Here are some tips on what to wear with a white shirt.

Wear a white lace or embroidery shirt

A woman’s white shirt outfit perfect for going to the office or for a very urban look is to choose an embroidery or lace shirt. This year, they are everywhere. You will find them in all stores and you will be spoiled for choice to find the model that suits you. We love its romantic and chic side, associated with raw jeans.

Tie your white shirt to give style to your outfit

The male / female fashion trend is omnipresent and is felt very strongly in the women’s ready-to-wear collections this year. The cuts are largely oversize and loose. To feminize this trend while adopting it, tie your white shirt and associate it with a feminine piece like a skirt or skinny pants.

Try a white ruffled shirt

Opt for a fluid white shirt model with frills at the sleeves. Accessorize it with a small midi skirt or a mini skirt to give character to your outfit.

Wear the white shirt like bloggers

If you are wondering how to wear a white shirt to be trendy , look no further and see how the fashionistas have adopted this essential piece. The white shirt with a tucked-in pan, a tipped-out pan is THE trend of the year!

The white shirt under a sweater

The white shirt is a very pretty fashion piece. Why not make it an accessory to make your outfit even more stylish? Have you ever thought of putting on a sweater with a white shirt ? Worn under a sweater with the collar and sleeves visible, you will get a different style from the classic white shirt for women. One of our favorite combinations is the jumper, shirt and skirt combo! Guaranteed casual chic look!

A retro look with an oversized white shirt

For a look that’s both ultra modern and retro, combine your white shirt with Mom jeans . Choose a fitted or slightly oversized shirt, tuck it into the jeans and strap it to accentuate the retro side.

A romantic look with a white shirt with a Peter Pan collar

Choose a white shirt with a Peter Pan collar for a slightly retro flower-blue style! Modernize your outfit by wearing your white shirt with jeans and if you want to break the too straight image of this collar with the air of a wise little girl, wear a perfecto in black leather!

The shirt dress

The shirt dress is an essential item this season. Try an oversized white shirt worn with printed ankle boots for a streetstyle look worthy of fashion week.

A chic look

The white shirt always goes as well under a suit or a suit. To wear it chic and modern, close the buttons to the top and dare the suit in matching color! Of course, with this kind of outfit, we do not forget to take out the pumps to have a good dose of elegance and femininity!

An office look

Another great classic, wear the white white or blue shirt to go to the office. You can match many pants cuts with a white shirt . The palazzo , the “flat” jeans (eph ‘paws) or even straight black pants are very good options because the shirt will be enough to create a chic and sophisticated look.

Total white look

Why not test the total white look like white evening or stars on the red carpet? The rendering will be very elegant and you will just have to play with your makeup and your hairstyle to set the tone for your outfit.

To be chic and relaxed at the beach

Rather than looking for a sarong or a beach outfit allowing you to move without complex or to play beach volleyball while being chic and elegant, opt for the white linen shirt! Wear it on one of the 8 trendy swimwear of summer 2020 . For a natural effect, choose a shirt in a rather summery material like linen and close only one or two buttons.

Wear a transparent white shirt

Playing with transparency is very trendy. As long as you know what to wear with a transparent white shirt , you can create a very dressy outfit. First rule of thumb with transparency: opt for the right bra under your white shirt ! Choose a flesh-colored model or a white bra.


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