Try These Hairstyles With Your Ethnic Outfit To Get A Gorgeous Look

Ethnic wear is considered to be the prime choice of women during those festive seasons to make a fashion statement. It is necessary to do the right hairstyle along with these ethnic wear for complementing the look. There are a plethora of hairstyles that go well with different types of ethnic wear, thereby making you the center of attraction during those festive seasons. Here is a list of a few of the most popular hairstyles to enhance your beauty while wearing ethnic dresses. Take a look!

Low hair bun

Whether you are going to wear that trendy flow Anarkali or you have set your eyes on that black colored sari for that festive evening, this hairstyle goes with almost everything. All you need to do is partition your hair from the middle and tie a bun. There is no more sophisticated hairstyle than a clean bun. Whether it is the anniversary celebration or the Diwali party, it provides you a perfect look for the celebration.

Side braid

This hairstyle is gorgeous, stunning and it goes well with every ethnic wear. As you pick this hairstyle along with an Anarkali suit or kurta, you become the center of attraction in the crowd. It can be an ideal choice for a bride or woman, getting ready to hit any traditional event. First, you need to take the hair to a side and then you need to do the braids down. After completing the braids, you need to secure the same with a tie. Several women prefer doing front poof side braids as well. As they add a bit of mess to your hair, you look prettier than ever.

High Pony Tail

Whether you are planning to wear lehenga cholis, Indian gowns, or Anarkali suits, this hairstyle goes well in every ethnic dress. You need to sleek iron the hair and add extra texture to the same. Now, you need to tie the hair into the pony and secure the same with the elastic. To procure that jaw-dropping gorgeous look, it is a must to iron the hair properly.

Fishtail braid

If you have longer hair, the fishtail braid should be your choice without a second thought. You can get the most unique and stunning look as you go for this hairstyle with a kurta. It has become the latest obsession and even the celebrities are doing this hairstyle along with their ethnic outfit. Though it is a bit difficult, once you learn how to do it, you can slay every ethnic dress like a boss.

Stylish straight hair

If you want the outfit of your choice to do all the talking, it is recommended to choose this hairstyle. It is the most popular no-fuss hairstyle which requires minimum styling. You will look gorgeous, regardless of the dress, you choose as you opt for this hairstyle. Poker straight hair has become the favorite and the latest trend among celebrities as well as common people.

Side swept hair

This hairstyle goes well with curly and wavy hair. It requires minimal effort and fuss and thus it has turned out to be the preferred hairstyle of a plethora of women, who want to put a gorgeous ethnic dress during traditional festivals. You need to curl the hair and pull the same to one side. Do not forget to use bobby pins for securing the back of your hair.

You can pick from either of the above-mentioned hairstyles to get the prettiest look while wearing any ethnic dress. They stand out of the ordinary in offering a fashionable and classy look to you.


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