Ways Of Draping Your Dupatta On Your Lehenga

If you are a 90’s kid you might know how lehengas have been the Bollywood’s favorite outfit. Everyone these days from the bride to her bridesmaids love this outfit because it is one of the versatile and easy to carry outfits and actually requires minimal effort to be worn unlike a saree that needs a lot of safety pins and people to help you drape it. Most of the Indian designers mint money only by selling lehengas. Lehengas can range from thousands to lakhs depending on the one you select.

Designers like Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi are the people who design lehengas for celebrities on their big day, which is their wedding day. A lehenga is something that is loved by every desi girl and owns it too. There are different cuts in lehengas that you can opt for. It is something that every girl dreams of wearing at least once. This is an outfit that actually needs lot of planning with jewelry and accessories. Want to wear it, be prepared to go for a shopping spree. You can look like a goddess in this piece of clothing and this will never disappoint you.

1. The simple look

This look will help you out when you actually do not know how to handle your long pieces of fabric like dupatta. Just take your dupatta and place it on your shoulder and check that both the sides of the dupatta are even. Then take a safety pin and pin it to your blouse. This is one of the popular ways of draping your dupatta to your lehenga. It will show off the right amount of skin and most of the bridesmaids out there prefer this. Therefore if you are a beginner out there this is the perfect option.

2. The half saree look

This is the look that south Indian girls love to wear. This looks like a saree but has that lehenga flair. This looks very conservative and does not show lot of skin as in the previous drape. This is like a two in one look that most of the girls prefer. Pleat your dupatta and drape it into your lehenga. Now take it over your shoulder and again set your pleats. Now pin your dupatta to your blouse and voila you have perfect drape. This is something every girl needs to try.

3. The Gujarati drape

This is the style that usually brides prefer to wear. But if you want to try it go ahead. This look will require some additional help from your friends. This is a style that covers your entire body and still looks gorgeous. The main advantage of this look is you will look slimmer and taller. The main emphasis is on the dupatta. If you have dupatta with heavy work then you could go with this style. Good pair of earrings and a good neck piece will bring the outfit together. This id for the traditional chicks out there.

4. The normal dupatta

look is perfect when you do not want your dupatta dangling around and sweeping around. You can just wear your dupatta like how you wear it like how you wear it on your salwar kameez. This is one of the simple ways to wear your dupatta. You can pin it on your both sides of your blouse. You can pair it with a nice thin waist belt to show off your curves. This is a way to show off your waist and show off your skin. Get comfy with lehenga girls.


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