With The Oversize Look For Fashionable Cosiness

Dear readers, we have good news: Figure-hugging, tight clothing can be banned from our wardrobe this winter, because the fashion industry is celebrating a trend that has also caused us enthusiasm! We’re talking about the oversize look. The decisive factor for the popularity of this XXL silhouette is definitely the high feel-good factor, because we like it warm and cozy in winter.

The oversize look has been a recurring trend for several years – and not without reason, because it enables us to make small love handles disappear as if by magic. But what exactly is behind the fashion trend? The English word “oversize” means nothing more than “oversized” – that is, fashion that is deliberately worn too big. These can be shirts, blouses, coats or trousers that are cut particularly wide. We’ll tell you how to style the oversize look without getting out of shape.

Balanced proportions

In order not to risk a fashionable misstep, you should definitely limit yourself to one oversize garment per outfit. Otherwise, the look could quickly become overloaded and unfavorable. The right combination is crucial here. The focus should only be on the part with an oversized silhouette, with the combination partners we recommend simple, tight-fitting pieces.

Big, bigger, oversize?

Be careful, oversize does not mean that you should now buy all blouses and sweaters three sizes too big! With this, you would at most create a shapeless overall picture. The oversize cut wanted by the fashion designers sits in the right places despite its width and makes the look look too big.

The must-have in the closet

Oversized sweaters belong in every wardrobe this season. The gray chunky knit model by Laura Kent is our favorite because it is not only super comfortable, but also simple and timeless thanks to its simple design. And pssst, we’ll tell you the secret of how you can look slim despite the voluminous cut: With XXL sweaters, it is important that you play with silhouettes and dress figure-hugging from the waist down. Black, tight pants are particularly suitable, such as the imitation leather pants from Dress In, because they form a strong contrast and give the look a feminine and casual look at the same time. In winter you can complement the outfit wonderfully with ankle boots, but if you want to show a bit more leg, you can of course combine the oversize sweater with a chic pencil skirt and over the knee boots – a very elegant variant!

Fashion highlight to throw on

Ponchos give every outfit a comfortable and casual touch, but at the same time exude a certain elegance. And best of all: In no time at all, there is no trace of supposed problem areas. But especially with ponchos, you should pay attention to balanced proportions and a harmonious color concept! The model by Laura Kent , for example, convinces with a geometric pattern in muted colors, which as a combination partner only allows plain-colored items of clothing. So stay simple with the rest of the outfit and use narrow trousers or leggings. In general: An absolute plus of the oversize look is without a doubt the fact that it can be worn by any woman, whether small or large, dainty or curvy. It is only important that you adapt the style to your figure type. We therefore recommend smaller women to complete the outfit with pumps or high-heeled boots – so your legs look a little longer in no time!Could we convince you of the trendy oversize look? Then let us know in the comments which combination is your favorite. We wish you a cozy fashion winter!


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