How To Shape Eyebrows | Get Suitable Eyebrow Styles

How to Shape Eyebrows: Getting ideal brows actually depends on your face size besides understanding how to shape your eyebrows that matches your face shape. Styling your eyebrows will not only portray your eyes, but correspondingly structures the whole face. Everybody particularly women would like to have nicely shaped eyebrows. If you doubt about where or how to begin or you’re completely nervous concerning the results, this article will make a difference on your side.

Whether your eyebrows require some tweezing, thickening or grooming, there are many options to choose from when it comes to flawlessly shaping your eyebrows. While different people have different brow shapes, these basic ideas are great for everyone. In order to get maximum results, try to avoid some typical brow shape mistakes. Here we have provided list of types of faces and their suitable eyebrow styles, check these and comment your feedback’s below.

Types of Faces and Their Suitable Eyebrow Styles

The shape of your face shape is always important when deciding which eyebrow shape is appropriate for you. Apparently, there are various face shapes that you can select your own desired style.

Get Suitable Eyebrow Styles
How To Shape Eyebrows

1. Round Face

If you have a round face, ensure you shape your brows to be angular. This is because rounder faces lack distinctness, the neatly angled eyebrow can show up and outline lacking or absent facial bone structure. Besides, higher curve are suitable for these types of faces.

2. Square Face

A square chin makes your face look angular, thus, softly rounded brows will match this type of faces. Ensure your eyebrows are not extremely angular. However, don’t make them look extremely round like rainbows.

Do you need video tutorial here it is ZERO PAIN | How To Shape EYEBROWS At Home

3. Heart Shaped Face

Despite the fact that it’s a unique and uniform shape, bold brows will beyond doubt not match this trend. This is as a result of its small jaw line as well as larger upper part of the face, in order to match this face type, it is always recommended that you ensure that your brows are nicely trimmed and groomed well. To make it more attractive, make it sleek to ensure there is balance on the smaller jawbone and lower part of your mouth.

4. Long Face

Long faces are typically stretched out vertically. As a result, it is recommended that you extend your brows’ tails right-to-left to highlight horizontal components. The brows’ tails should spread beyond the eyes’ ends, but long faces should focus mainly on extending the tails and make them look longer. Also, know when to shape the tail to ensure they don’t grow extremely longer, this will prevent your eyes from having a droopy appearance.

5. All Face

A typical, balanced eyebrow is appropriate for this type of face shape. You only have to ensure you strictly follow the rules below:

How To Shape Eyebrows

Regardless of the shape of your face, there are three important steps that you should adhere when shaping your brows.

1. Identify Your Starting Points
Turn your tweezer upside down and ensure it is vertically placed next to the exterior edge of the lower part of your nose. This has to be approximately one inch above your eye’s inner corner. Draw a line upwards to distinguish each brow, then ensure that the middle of your nose has a centered space between them. Hold the roots of the strands and pull them out slowly and carefully.

2. Determine Your Ending Points
Place the tweezer in such a way that its adjacent to your cheek to ensure the edge is at the lower part of your nose, also ensure the opposite end touches the outer angle of your eye. Your eybrows should end at the region where the intersection of your brow with tweezer takes place. Using an eye pencil, put a mark on your brows then trim the hairs outside the line.

3. Shape Your Brow Thickness
Using an eye pencil, sketch a line on the lower end of your eyebrow; it should follow the top line shape of your eyebrow, which possibly will be slightly curved, angled or straight. Remove the strayed brows below the sketched line. Finally, your brows’ thickness should be at least a quarter an inch or a half inch at most.

4. Shape Your Curve
The curve of your brows should curl right on your brow line and exceed the outer edge of your iris. Using your eye pencil, mark the point then trim the hairs outside the marked line, from the point of your inward brow to the point of your peak. Then trim the tail. Ensure it looks fairly thinner than the center of your eyebrow, narrowing at the end. Adhere to these simple steps to get perfect eyebrows.

Final Verdict

Many people end up with wrong brow shapes due to accidentally plucking in the wrong places. For others, using these steps has resulted to definite and attractive eyebrows. To cut things across, following instructions carefully will make your eyebrow shaping dreams come true.