3 Clothing Trends That Are Now Refreshing The Spring Wardrobe

At this point it is understandable if the blanket falls a little more on your head. At some point you felt zapped through all the interesting series and the stack of books to be read is getting smaller and smaller. Of course, this should not mean losing optimism and grateful attitude towards the advantages of self-isolation. But on the contrary. But instead of preparing yourself with another round of Netflix and Co. under the blanket, a little fresh, fashionable wind can’t hurt.

In addition, a nicely intended and spoken tip from the author: Take off a dressat. The best thing is an airy, flowing dress in which you feel really comfortable. Because it automatically has the side effect of letting go of your own worries and external insecurities. The following three clothing trends show how refreshing and refreshing an outfit can actually be in spring – not only for your own wardrobe, but above all for the sake of your mood.

1. Dresses With Puff Sleeves

Sometimes you need the additional push – or in this case puff. At least the swollen sleeves are a good reminder to breathe some joy into the day in the form of a feminine note. Dresses with puff sleeves do not necessarily have to look childish or girlish. Lutz Huelle, for example, translates the clothing trend for spring 2020 into a casual and everyday variant of the dress, with the sleeves harmonizing with the frilled hem. Cecilie Bahnsen showed a similarly gentle game with the delicate sleeves in her collection for spring / summer 2020 . The pastel yellow dipped dress made of delicately transparent shimmering chiffon looks magically elegant at first. Through the styling with black flip-flops, however, the decisive break in style is created, which really emphasizes the persuasiveness of the clothing trend.

2. Shirt Dress With Stripe Print

When it comes to refreshing clothesshould go for the spring wardrobe, then it is best to do it for those who do the silhouette and the freedom of movement a favor. A shirt-style dress with visually stretching vertical stripes fulfills these requirements from top to bottom – in most cases up to the knees. Because the midi length shows like the stripe pattern as a continuous feature in the current collections. With good reason. The dress is neither impractically too long or too short to be worn in the (home) office or because of an uncomfortable feeling. With the optional waist belt like Roland Mouret, the shape of the dress can be varied a little and the trend look appears elegant and confident. A casual and nonchalant version of a dress in an uncomplicated shirt style shows Paul Andrew,

3. Linen Clothes

A variant to bring nature home these days is the colorful bouquet from the local flower shop. The second is again to let nature move into the dressing room. Not in the form of fresh flowers , but as clothes made from natural materials that immediately remind you of the valuable raw materials. This appreciation is ultimately also transferred to the pleasant wearing comfort, which is illustrated above all by the example of a linen dress like Prada. The flax fabric has a cooling effect on the skin and, thanks to its long-lasting lightness, can be ideally translated into airy clothes. Gabriela Hearst showed a prime example of this in her presentation of the spring / summer 2020 collection. The Uruguayan designer illustrates hersustainable philosophy that can be integrated into any wardrobe thanks to its simple design. The fact that the fresh wind for spring can be enjoyed even more with this clothing trend is just a small bonus that the blanket of self-insulation no longer drops so quickly.


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