4 Things That Happen After Pregnancy No One Warns You About

There comes much excitement and celebration from your friends and family all around you after bringing a new-born baby to your home. However, the moment you reach home and relax in your bedroom with your new born child, there are some strange things that you may encounter but nobody will tell you. So if you are still wondering what happens on your life after pregnancy, here are some of the things that happen after your pregnancy but no one warns you about.

4 Things That Happen After Pregnancy No One Warns You About

1. Pains after birth
Women uterus expand during pregnancy and after giving delivery, there are some hormonal activities taking place in your body to give back your uterus its normal size. It has to do away with the lining that gave your baby some comfort while it was growing inside the womb. It does it by shrinking and ejecting excess blood. After birth, especially if you are a first-time mother, you may feel these uterine walls contractions and cramps like period pain. These pains worsen delivery after delivery and it may occur because of smooth muscle in the uterus. This is because the smooth muscle pulls back more in the successive pregnancy in the initial pregnancy.

2. The placenta comes out after the baby
After delivering your baby, the placenta should come out. This is what many women forget during pregnancy. Sometimes placentas may come out of your womb easily, slithering without any difficulty. But at some point, the placenta may get stuck or difficult to move. If you encounter such situation, you may require some additional help to remove the stuck placenta. From time to time, the placentas may be extremely difficult to remove. So medical practitioners recommend the use of epidural to remove the placenta in the conception suite. If you can’t find an epidural, visit a theatre to have the placenta removed from your uterus under a general spinal or anaesthetic.

4 Things That Happen After Pregnancy

3. Stretch marks may look more disgusting
During pregnancy, some pink lines may appear on your belly, and after delivery, those stretch may look worst on your withered belly, and this may make you start disliking your body looks. Fortunately, those marks will disappear after some time.

4. Sweating
After delivery, you will likely sweat frequently. This may be as a result of instantaneous change in oestrogen levels for breastfeeding your child- so you will most likely sweat throughout the night. However, this situation may fail to get away quickly and can probably actually persist for some time until your oestrogen level is in harmony with your body response after delivery. If you encounter any symptoms accompanied by sweats such as breast pain, fever, or other problems, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Final Verdict

These are some of the thing you will go through after pregnancy but nobody will inform you about them. Fortunately, these problems will heal with time and you’ll definitely be fine regardless of whether you had a difficult or trouble-free labor.