4 Women’s Sneaker Trends In 2020

In terms of women’s sneakers, the year 2020 will see four very distinct schools compete: minimalist basketball, colorful and futuristic basketball, retro sneakers and finally running basketball. Decryption of these 4 women’s sneaker trends of 2020 , models on which we can crack without hesitation and look ideas are on the program!

The minimalist school: the feast of converse and

On the minimalist side, canvas tennis is by far the winner: from Saint Laurent to Gucci via Celine, sleek and functional sneakers have the upper hand . Converses are also making a resounding return to the front of the stage, as is the “tradi” model of Vans, available in multiple colors and patterns. Nike also lent itself to the game by reviewing one of its most famous models, the Blazer Mid.

Minimalist basketball: for whom?

For all fans of the chic-casual style first, and for all those who want to be able to wear their favorite sneakers with their pretty black dress in winter or their linen jumpsuit this summer! The minimalist women’s sneaker is really easy to match and it will probably be the most adopted sneaker trend in 2020 . If the cut is minimalist, you can however bet on more worked colors or effects. We will see a lot of animal print, especially at Vans and Converse and metallic effect, at Reebok or Adidas.

With what to wear it to be trendy?

If you opt for a simple pair of sneakers , like the white Stan Smith or a sober version of the Air Force, you can wear it with everything! With tailored pants for the office, with boyfriend jeans, or even with your favorite dress, summer and winter!

Back to the future in 2020

If you are a fan of ultra-modern sneakers , you will be delighted by the 2020 trend: ever more worked shapes, futuristic colors and effects and a good dose of audacity are in order for these trendy sneakers in 2020. We have besides a big blow of heart for the ultra sharp selection made by the site fenom.com . Among the most original cuts of the year are the LV Archlight by Vuitton or the Bbold by Balmain. Nike and Adidas are also in the game and offer several models that fall right where it is needed: XXL sole dad shoes atmosphere, neon colors and cut that skillfully mixes a bit of vintage 90’s and a lot of modernity.

Futuristic sneakers: for whom?

For those who will assume, clearly! The models in this category are indeed rather showy, and you have to know how to match them to avoid fashion faux-pas. With a frankly XXL size and flashy colors, don’t be afraid to stand out. But it is still the assurance of an ultra-fashion look, and much more fun outfits than with your eternal white tennis shoes…

How to mix futuristic basketball?

The sneakers go well with a well-worked sportswear look , with cargo pants and a short sweatshirt for example, but it will also work very well with a more sober outfit. You can for example opt for a total black look, which will go very well with a flashy model like the RS-X3 Puzzle (Puma).

The great classics we still love

In the same genre as the dad shoes which made an unexpected return but noticed last season, several brands and creators have emerged from old models, or have created new ones with little airs of deja vu. We note in particular the first female pair of the Off-White brand, the ODSY-1000 model, which incorporates the codes of skateboarding style from the 90s – 2000s with a massive shrug with large tongue and flat laces.

Nike has released several re-releases of its famous Air Max, Air Force, and Air Jordan models, Reebok has also followed the trend with its Instapump model , and there is, of course, still the traditional Converse, which goes through the years without taking a ride!

Who can (re) wear the classics?

Several classics have come out this year, so it all depends on which one you want to wear! If it is true that the Converse, high or low, poses little problem when it comes to matching it, creating an outfit that will work with a model like that of Off-White is a whole different story! It is up to you to see.

The running form: perfect for walking in the city

Traditional running was already on trend in 2019, it will be even more so in 2020. Balanciaga released his Tyrex, looking like Sharks, and Chloé his model Blake, a mix between dad shoes and traditional running . In the same genre, there are the W DMX Thrill Aztrek models from Reebok, the Gel-10-90 at Asics, the W Shox TL Nova by Nike… In short, there are plenty of them and at almost all stores!

Basketball running: for whom?

Today there are so many running models that it is possible to find one that will suit all styles, or almost. The shape of the running being indeed very sporty, it does not look really good on an office outfit, or even with ultra-feminine outfits like a classic skater dress.


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