5 Difficult Pieces Of Clothing

Combine difficult pieces of clothing: Sometimes you stand in front of the closet and are overwhelmed. “I have nothing to wear” mostly means: I have too much that I don’t like at the moment and I don’t know how to put together cool looks. In fact, there are certainly some difficult items of clothing in our closet that are not as easy to combine as others. Who would like to know which shoes go with extra wide trousers or how to wear the trend color yellow – here we go

Yellow fashion pieces

Yellow – the trend color of last summer – will continue to accompany us. Especially in winter yellow is very light and mild, in summer the color was worn strong and rich. With colors such as yellow, orange, green or red, the question always arises: how to combine? Difficult pieces of clothing can take away the joy, although there is a solution for every look.

Colors that go well with yellow are: light to medium blue, lilac and white. I would do without very dark and cool tones like brown and black. This takes away the lightness of the cheerful yellow. Colors should harmonize with yellow. A perfect entry-level look are blue jeans with a yellow top. With gold-colored jewelry, yellow looks more elegant. In general, shades of yellow go well with tanned or dark skin because the contrast is very nice. Very bright types can appear even paler with yellow pieces.

Combine wide palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are very wide and straight cut (fabric) pants that are mostly high waist cut. Trousers are an important fashion trend – but they also belong to difficult items of clothing. Because often you feel too small or too wide in the wide pants. This is the first time to get used to it.
With these tips everyone has the palazzo pants: 1. The right shoes are crucial for the look: a high heel stretches the figure and the palazzo pants come into their own. Mules, summer shoes with platform or pointed ankle boots are particularly suitable. 2. Emphasize the center of the body for the correct proportion . With a belt and a flowing blouse or a thin top, which is stuck in the waistband. The look becomes even more elegant with a tailored blazer.

Wear puffer jackets

We are in the middle of the cold season and that means: warm jackets are the be-all and end-all. I used to prefer to freeze than to wear thick down jackets – today warmth is everything. And you don’t have to look like Master Proper. Puffer jackets come in every size and shape. It is a difficult piece of clothing anyway, because the jackets mostly apply and do not look very elegant.

How to combine puffer jackets in a cool way? For example with a street style look, so casual with jeans, or culottes, sweaters and sneakers. You don’t have to wear the jacket with an evening dress – if you get involved with the puffer jacket look, you can create a relaxed and casual look that keeps you warm and looks good.

Wear printed trousers

Pants with a print – from checks to flowers or animal prints – are one of the fashion trends for autumn / winter and also for spring / summer . The pants are a statement piece and can be styled from elegant to casual. At the same time, it is not always easy to combine prints. What goes with flowers, how do you style Leo elegantly and what do diamonds go with?

Now in winter, the cozy trousers go perfectly with warm winter sweaters. Pick a color from the pattern and match the top to it. The look looks harmonious and the pattern calmer. A mix of patterns suits the brave : diamonds with flowers and animal prints with flowers make for a cool match. Large and small patterns go well together because they differ in their structure. Make sure that the patterns are rather contradictory overall. If possible, a set made of the same fabric and pattern also looks good together.

Combine mini dresses stylishly

The mini dress is also a difficult piece of clothing in my opinion. Combining it can be a challenge. In summer, the mini dress with sandals is cute – but in winter? This is where THE shoe trend of the year comes into play: knee-high boots, i.e. boots with heels that reach to the knee. A short dress and the boots make a stylish look that will be remembered. The look can be supplemented with accessories or a cardigan. With mini dresses, by the way, I make sure that the neckline is rather high-necked. So it does not look so “airy” and even works in the office.


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