4 New Color Combinations For Spring & Combine Oversize?

One thing is certain: The spring is colorful! For a long time there were not so many trend colors that the designers experimented with at the Fashion Weeks. With the Pantone color of the year – Classic Blue – a lot in the new season revolves around blue. In addition, there is also dark green, pink is preserved and the sun yellow from last year will be transformed into a gentle saffron in spring 2020. How to combine the nuances and which color combinations harmonize particularly well in spring? Here are four ideas!

Spring color combinations: blue and cream

It starts with the Pantone color of the year blue. In the new collections you can already see the medium blue increasingly. For the right color combination, the sailing look was used. That means: blue loves cream! The two colors fit perfectly in the warm season, harmonize optimally and in combination exude a gentle elegance. A quick and beautiful look: a cream-colored blouse with blue jeans. Of course, it works the other way around. I love!

Pink to red

As they say? Red and pink like to join. For spring and summer, both colors are among the most important trend colors and at the same time harmonize perfectly with each other. While the girlish pink makes the looks playful, the fiery red breaks the look and makes it cooler. Accessories are suitable for the start – later two pieces of clothing can be selected in the color combination.

Spring color combinations: saffron with cognac

Two of my personal favorite colors result in a nice color combination in the new season – especially in the transition. The bright yellow of last summer is now being replaced by a gentler saffron. The warm cognacton belongs to the same color family and therefore fits so well with the yellow. Be sure to mix both tones in the look. This creates a harmonious and stylish everyday look that makes you want summer!

Dark green to white

In spring and summer 2020, a dark green shade is one of the trend colors. Although it appears darker and therefore more wintry, green and white provide an exciting contrast. For example, a white summer dress with a dark green sweater can be styled for the evening. A green handbag is also timelessly beautiful.

Wear oversize: This is how the styling works

In the past, clothes couldn’t be too tight or too tight – hip jeans and a skin-tight, crop top were THE trend in my school days. Today the opposite is the case: dresses, blouses, blazers, sweaters, coats and pants cannot be big enough. But how do you wear the oversize trend in everyday life?
First of all: Despite oversize, you should at least be able to guess the silhouette. That is why oversize harmonizes with a narrower cut garment in combination. For example: oversize pullover with slim trousers – palazzo trousers with a waisted top. The oversize look from head to toe is a little more difficult to style, but it still works 🙂 How does it work? Here are my styling rules for the trend.

Wear the oversize completely

In my closet there are countless oversize pieces that also work together – like an oversized sweater and a long dress or a midi skirt underneath. The silhouette shifts here because the sweater reaches far above the waist and the legs are barely visible. To give the oversize look more shape, you can add an accent at the waist with a belt.

Wear oversized clothes

High shoes and bare legs look good with oversized and wide dresses. They at least show some more figure, stretch the legs and ensure that the focus is not only on the volume in the upper part of the body, but that the silhouette becomes narrower towards the leg. It is best to use filigree high heels here.

XXL two-piece

In the case of an oversized two-piece set – such as a blazer and dress pants – put on a narrow top. A turtleneck shirt looks nice under an oversize blazer. Even a t-shirt or an unbuttoned shirt blouse make the androgynous oversize look more feminine and elegant. Wear the blazer open to show the bottom part. A belt also fits well to show your waist. Combine high shoes with a suit to stretch your legs. Sneakers look more casual and cool.

Oversize layer

You can also wear oversize in a layering look . Several layers give the outfit more excitement and play with materials, colors and heights. Which look always works here? A long shirt blouse that flashes out from under an oversized sweater. Combine this with trousers or a midi skirt. A medium-length oversize coat gives the styling the finishing touch.


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