5 Styling Ideas With The Scarf & Must Have Trends

How can you wear and wrap scarves? . Winter looks are getting boring and new station wagons seem almost impossible. We’ll have to wait a bit longer until spring comes. The most important accessories until then: the winter scarf! It is a must-have against wind and cold, and it also works as a nice detail in a wintry look. To vary something with the styling here, I will show you different options today to wear the warm winter scarf

XXL wrap styling with the winter scarf

A classically beautiful combination that above all keeps you warm and fits perfectly with a cozy winter look, in which the scarf is also the highlight. With this variant, even thinner scarves look much more voluminous. To do this, wrap the scarf several times around your neck and thread one end from top to bottom. So the two ends hang down evenly.

Combine winter scarf with belt

A combination that can be used very well in milder temperatures: I therefore like to wear the scarf with a blazer or a coat with an integrated belt. The scarf is put around the shoulders once, the lengths hang down at the front. Now a belt is put around the waist and includes the scarf. Looks stylish and gives every look more individuality.

3rd loop meets winter scarf

This look is perfect with a long and narrow winter scarf – such as our Banú model . For elegant styling, the scarf is knotted once at the front of the neck, then a bow is tied. Now you can individually pull the bow larger or smaller and tie it on the side – for a nice winter look with blouses and lighter tops. Also looks very nice with a cloth 🙂

Undone variation with scarf

A few simple steps can make a big difference. The undone look is suitable for cozy winter scarves. Throw the scarf casually around one shoulder, one length hangs down at the front, the other at the back. The longer the front part, the more casual the look.

Wear a scarf as a poncho

The nice thing about winter scarves is that you also have a kind of cozy blanket with you. Large scarves can also be converted into a poncho. To do this, place the cloth lengthwise around your shoulders and throw both ends around the opposite shoulder. So the upper body is wrapped and the scarf suddenly looks like a completely new piece of clothing.

Some Must-have trends

Starting with the headgear : the turban ! While I have always put the oriental hats in the winter so far and until recently had a thick model made of wool, the turban is now conquering the summer season. Of course, the turban styles are made of light and thin summer materials. It is best to wear them with open hair. And if you like it even more extravagant, combine a few earrings, for example, hoops.

The Retro Matrix sunglasses are also currently inevitable. The narrow, futuristic looking glasses are really eye-catchers on every face and automatically give their wearer a certain portion of coolness. What you first saw in models like Gigi Hadid has now also reached the streets. I have been a big fan of mixing and layering chains for a long time. If you already have a lot of different chains in different lengths, you can easily do this, or you can buy, like me, “finished” chain layering models that are already available 🙂

Another trend accessory in 2018 are belt bags. Until recently the dusty and rather unglamorous belt bags are back and more stylish than ever. There are now numerous models that offer something for every taste, from different designs to materials and sizes. My model is in a summery yellow and thanks to the belt length can be worn both around the waist and as a cross body over the upper body.

Pajama trend! The key piece of my look is, of course, the two-piece made of crop top and palazzo pants . Not only is this combination very popular in summer 2018, no, the scarf print is one of the trend patterns for the current season. The pattern looks particularly beautiful in bright and summer colors such as orange, red or, as in my case, in yellow and a light turquoise.

Last but not least: slippers! Ever since Gucci made the flat shoes socially acceptable again, they have become an integral part of the streets. Why do I like my shoes so much in summer? They are comfortable and are now available in colorful and unusual versions such as those from Boohoo. If you think my current look is a bit too striking, you can simply combine the yellow loafers with a floral pattern into jeans and a shirt and immediately have an eye catcher in the look. So as simple as it is effective 🙂

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