This Is The Right Jeans For Your Figure

Which jeans fit your figure? : Right now you have to ask yourself: Who is wearing jeans in their home office ? But the times will come again, when the popular garment will make it back into our everyday life. Until then it says: Denim Detox. A lot has happened in terms of jeans in recent years – although the denim pants are a classic, new silhouettes are regularly added. Even the skinny jeans that are declared dead so often are still there! Because we Germans have an average of ten copies in our wardrobes, it is worth taking a look behind Straight, Skinny, Mom & Co .: Which jeans figure best suits you?

Issued: Flare & Bootcut Jeans

With this jeans fit, you feel like you are back in the 70s: the good old flared pants are now called flare or bootcut jeans and are characterized by a large or subtle flap that starts at about the knee. If the stroke begins rather below and is minimally flared, the jeans visually lengthen the legs.

Who is the flare and bootcut jeans for?

The fashion trend is mainly large and slim women or all those with a delicate figure. The silhouette seems almost endless, especially when the pants reach almost to the floor. For all women with a “normal” size, cropped flare jeans with a high waist are recommended, they stretch visually.

Super tight: skinny jeans

Hauteng: The super slim skinny jeans were indispensable in the 2000s. Everyone was wearing tight jeans. Then she came into disrepute, but now you have to say: the skinny jeans are an all-rounder and a timeless classic! Many of the pants have a high proportion of stretch, which makes them more comfortable and flexible.

Who is the skinny jeans for?

Contrary to the name, skinny jeans are not only made for “skinny” figure types. The styling is more important here. Those who have fuller thighs or a rounded figure can shift proportions. That means: Best to apply thickly with skinny jeans: Oversized pullovers or longer cut tops with skinny jeans are nice. The darker the wash, the slimmer the legs look.

Carrot: mom jeans

Mom jeans have been around for decades, but they only made their comeback a few years ago. The pants became, so to speak, the new skinny jeans – everyone has one. Mom jeans are characterized by a very high waistband and a carrot silhouette. Nothing pinches or presses here, instead the denim trousers hide one or two problem areas.

Who is the mom jeans for?

What makes jeans so popular? It suits every figure type! Androgynous women optically get more curves, with curvy women, the wider cut caresses the leg. It is important that the pants are not bought too tight – there can be some space between the thigh and the fabric.

Straight: straight jeans

Straight jeans means something like: the straight. It is characterized by a relaxed look that is cut approximately the same width from top to bottom. The waistband varies – mostly it sits in the middle of the stomach, which visually lengthens the legs. Some straight jeans have a wider cut on the thigh and are slightly narrower towards the bottom. This creates a more feminine look.

Who is Straight Jeans?

This fit is a flattering figure! The fit makes love handles disappear, hides wide hips and makes a good butt. It can also be perfectly combined with all shoes – from sneakers to high heels.

Shortened: cropped jeans

Especially in spring and summer, this airy silhouette is a popular choice of jeans! Cropped jeans are cropped 7/8 length pants that expose the ankle or can be worn even shorter. Turned over, cut off, frayed or sewn – here every style is trendy!

Who is the cropped jeans?

Small women in particular come into play here with their jeans figures. Finally a pair of pants that fits. In addition, the pants flatter delicate figure types, in combination with higher shoes they conjure up long legs. Tall women should make sure that the pants do not go shorter than the ankle length – otherwise it will quickly look like flooding. If you have narrow ankles – this is your fit!


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