5 Essential Outfits For Summer

Summer is my favorite season and so does yours I guess. Earlier there were days when we used to wait for summer just so that we could enjoy the vacations and now that we are grown up nothing much has changed summer still excites us but more than the vacation it’s the summer fashion that has been popular for a couple of years now. While we all love the following trend there are these pieces that complete our wardrobe. From a basic nude t-shirt to floral prints and patterns these are all wardrobe staples for every girl out there and nothing can make your look perfect.

If you are someone looking for inspirations and ideas to upgrade your summer essential wardrobe but has no clue then you are just at the right place, we have made a list of 5 essential outfits that every girl should have this summer. Doesn’t matter which body shape and size you are, we have something for each one of you. We have created this list that includes basic pieces and also dresses that are necessary to look chic and classy too. So without any further ado, let us just get into it.

1. A cute summer dress

Having a summer dress is a must, it is a summer staple and you just can’t turn your back when you see one.It is important to choose a perfect dress that has thin fabric, short and flowy. One tip is, it should just make you happy when you see it because that’s what summer dresses are supposed to do.

2. Denim shorts

Find your go to summer denim shorts, I would suggest you to go for a high waisted, distressed, light wash denim shorts ideal for bright color tops. Pair up a short with a pair of sneakers for a casual look or you can for a pair of boots to make them look slightly sexy. There are extremely comfortable and the best part is these can be paired with almost anything and everything out there. If you are skinny or heavy doesn’t matter just grab a pair of shorts and rock em.

3. Flowy pants

Flowy pants are for the days when you just don’t want to wear shorts or skirts and just want to slouch on a couch. You can pair one of these with a solid t-shirt or a crop top for brunch or while you’re traveling. It is always good to have a light weight flowy pants in your summer wardrobe.

4. White Tshirt

This could be a year round essential for many of you but in case you don’t own a white t-shirt then get it right away. A comfy white t-shirt is your best friend during the summer or maybe the entire year. You can pair it up with just anything but to be specific you can pair it up white a cute pair of denim shorts or polka dot skirts to get a retro vibe or you can wear it inside a dress. You can also opt for a white tank top with a pair of light wash denim and tuck it from one side to get a sleek look.

5. Crop tops

Crop tops are like oxygen for me during the summer, I literally live on these cute little pieces of clothing. I would definitely recommend you get a ton of these. You can pair it up with high waisted shorts, high waisted skirts or just overalls to get a perfect summer look. These are definitely my summer staples and what better time to show a little bit of skin then the summer time.


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