5 Ways To Style Your Gucci Belt

Gucci belt is something that every diva out there dreams of adding it to her collection. This is one piece that has changed the fashion industry totally. This was the first product that actually started using its logo on its jewellery. Therefore, self branding trend had started with this belt. You can consider it as one of the milestones in the evolution of fashion. It can be considered as a statement belt and it might be quite expensive purchase. The first Gucci logo was shown off in the year 1973. This belt is one of the iconic belts and many brands have come up with the equivalent knock offs.

Why is Gucci belt so famous? Gucci belts are known for their soft Italian leather and the double ā€˜Gā€™ symbol. This symbol is gold and has two different sizes, big and small. For petite people out there, they can always go for the smaller ones. If you choose a big one it is going to draw too much of attention. Therefore select it depending on your body type. A typical Gucci belt costs around $350 and comes in two shades black and dusty pink. There are higher versions of the same belt that might even reach up to $256,000 which is the diamond Gucci belt.

1. The denim skirt look

If you want to look a little relaxed then you can opt for this look. Pair a denim skirt with a plain white shirt. Tuck in your shirt and add your Gucci belt. This is a good way to add some element to your plain, boring denim skirt. You can either pair it with pumps or sneakers. Keep your jewellery to the minimal so that you can show off your expensive belt.

2. The fancy formal look

If you want to look fancy yet formal this is the look for you. You can pair any of your regular blouses with a pencil skirt and add the belt to the outfit. You will look professional but your belt will do all the talking it needs to. You can pair it with matching pumps to keep it professional all over. Add a small chain around your neck and keep your earrings fairly simple. Add a scarf if you like wearing scarves.

3. The cozy in the winter look

Who knew you could make your sweater stylish for winters? Select a sweater that actually looks like a shirt and pair it with some regular or ripped jeans. French tuck the sweater into the jeans and add your Gucci belt. You can accessorize with a simple chain and studs. Wearing boots will help you to tie the entire outfit together. Sweaters are not that boring after all. You can drape a scarf made of thick material around your neck or you can use a thin scarf to wrap it around your ponytail.

4. The trench coat look

If you feel that wearing trench coats would be boring, here is the solution just for you. Wear a tee shirt inside and then wear a trench coat. Do not button up the entire coat. Leave few buttons to show off you tee shirt. Now over this add your Gucci belt to make it look like assembled. You can wear boots, pumps or stilettos depending on your choice.

5. The waist synch dress look

For this look you need a bodycon dress. Add your Gucci belt over it so that it gives an illusion of a synched waist, thus giving you those curves. You can pair it off with sneakers, stilettos or pumps.


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