6 times Priyanka Chopra was a fashion disaster

Priyanka Chopra is known for her unapologetic fashion choices whether it is met gala or the Cannes film festival, she has aced most of her looks but there are times when her experiments didn’t go well. Priyanka Chopra is everywhere now from talk shows to films you can see her everywhere. The actress has been adored worldwide for her beautiful performances and mostly for her bold and beautiful style statements. But there are many times the actress has been trolled on the internet for her fashion choices and her sense of styling.

Priyanka might be all stunning and beautiful but there are people who think that she tries too hard at times who ends her up in a fashion disaster. She has a beautiful body with curves in the right areas but sometimes she just fails to impress the fashion world. Her fans blame her stylist and there are some who blame the actress for making such choices. But whatsoever it is there are some of the most embarrassing fashion failures of Priyanka that you might not want to have. So let’s get a look at 6 times when Priyanka Chopra failed with her look and looked like a fashion disaster.

1. Yellow and black checked dress

This yellow black checked dress was one of her major fashion disasters, the actress was trolled badly for this look and there were some who also said that she looked like wearing a bedsheet. The actress opted for this look for a meet up with her friend but the bad sense of her fashion grabbed all the negative attention.

2. Blingy grey dress with an olive blazer

Priyanka opted for a blingy grey slip-on dress that she paired it up with an olive colored blazer, there was no match and coordination in the entire outfit, both the pieces had its individual value. She looked extremely unflattering in this outfit.

3. Hot Pink dress for the tiff

Priyanka is famous for her choices for outrageous colors, in her past she opted for a hot pink dress that she wore for the tiffs. Not only she looked like a bag of cotton candy but the color was so bright that grabbed unwanted attention. She made the wrong choice by choosing such an unflattering dress, especially for the tiffs.

4. Too golden for the globes

The actress opted for a gold-colored gown for the golden globes award that again was not liked by the critics and her fans. She got a mixed response on this dress while some said it was perfect for the award night there are some who said that Priyanka was decked like a trophy herself. She chose an outrageous color that often doesn’t work. she added a statement neckpiece with the gown that kind of looked too over the top.

5. Print all over

Priyanka opted for a short printed dress for the global citizen concert, this dress looked quite odd because of how it was paired with the same printed high neck boots. Though the actress looked managing well the look failed for many of her fans. Priyanka was obviously trying to go too quirky and millennial for this look, but it might have been better if she stuck to basic fashion rules.

6. Epic grammy gown

The recent Grammy gown that Priyanka donned was the most talked look of hers. She opted for a couture gown for the grammy for which she was heavily trolled on the internet. She gownlooked extremely unflattering on her. The internet hasn’t stopped commenting and criticizing the actress for this fashion choice.


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