6 Ways To Style In Your Mom’s Closet

We all at some point in our life have really admired and appreciated the way our mom’s look. And this is something we want to wear as we grow older. Of course our mom’s are not Kris Jenner or any other celebrity that has a walk in wardrobe but we definitely admire their impeccable sense of style. Even though they wear simple clothes they fascinate many of us and we are amazed by they way they carry their outfit with such an ease and glam, that they can pull of any outfit.

We all have sometime grown fond of our mom’s wardrobe and looking out through different pieces of clothing. You can not only avoid paying huge amount of money in the wall but also some time. We all have seen many celebrity mom’s wearing so many outfits and we are just going to create some of those with our mom’s outfits. So with some piece of mom’s outfit and some of your basic clothes you can style something in a modern on trend way. So if you are someone who wants to add your mom’s wardrobe to your clothing then here you go-

1. Find your fit

It is very important to get something that fits you, do not opt for anything just for the sake of having it. Try out your mom’s outfit that has a similar fit, you can also get it altered and wear it.

2. Style with your accessories

Adding accessories can make you look different and stylish instantly. Add your mom’s accessories with your outfit to make it look different and add a touch of your mom’s closet to your own. Wearing that statement earring of your mom that you eyed for so long is no more a dream, pair it with a nice Indian outfit or a saree.

3. Add in your basics

Try mix and match your outfits, grab a piece of your basic clothing with your mom’s outfit and see how it works. It is not necessary always that your mom’s churidar or jeans and top will match your sense of style so mix and match with some of your pieces as well.

4. Glam it up

Try to add a glam quotient to your outfit, grab that makeup brush and paint your face with colors, this will add some element and will make you look glamorous instantly. You can also grab your mom’s casual dress and pair it up with some blingy jacket of yours.

5. Grab your mom’s sandals

Footwear is the most important part of clothing as they will enhance your entire outfit and give it a finishing look. Grab your mom’s sandal or those pair of high heels and pair it with your dress.

6. Don’t go over the top

Do not try too hard, if there are things that doesn’t fit you then leave it don’t wear clothes just for the sake of wearing it. Do not overload yourself with dresses that is not very flattering for your body.

7. Layer it up

Other way to style your clothes is by adding layers, if you want to wear something out of your mom’s closet but you aren’t very comfortable showing off your body then add layers, add shrugs or coats this will make you look good and will be comfortable as well.

8. DIY your clothes

Do it yourself, this is the way to style the same outfits by adding some touch of yours, make your mom’s top into a crop top and rip those denim to make it look cool and stylish.


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