7 Tips For The Indian Women To Wear This Upcoming Wedding Season

When talking or planning about Indian weddings, the most profound words which comes to ones mind are joy, fun and most of all ‘on point’. Here the word ‘on point’ refers to the style game, we select to flaunt on the very occasion. Not just, it kind of becomes necessary to keep the style game on point, but one definitely needs to match with the grandness and royalty of the event with their stunning outfits too.

But when it comes to attending a wedding ceremony as a guest, there’s a lot you need to keep in mind while styling yourselves, like; which colour to wear? How to accessorize? How much is too much and all. But, hang on you need not to worry, we are here with the top styling tips for you ladies out there, which will surely help you to rock the look.

1. Flaunt a saree

Well, saree is one of the most quintessential dresses to wear on an Indian wedding. The most good point of it is, that it is suitable for all kinds of guest attending the wedding. Sarees, are considered as the most rocking outfit for such occasions. But wait a second, what about adding a twist to it by coordinating it with a blazer, boots or casual shoes. Or how about, replacing your old blouse designs with crop tops and shirts. Giving or adding a contemporary look to your Indian saree look will add all the glamour and chic styling you need to ace the look.

2. Lehenga?

Lehenga’s, are one of the most common yet most beautiful outfits we girls prefer to wear on weddings. But, then again you can add up a bit of madness to your old basic lehenga look, by adding up a leather jacket. If not leather jacket, then definitely customised blouses and latkans.

3. Same colour ?

For my lovely girls, who prefer just one colour over too many, trust me am here in your support. You, ladies can rock this wedding season with just one colour you desire be it in a suit or your quirky lehenga look. Solid colours are running in trend madly these days.

4. Nath

Let me just clearly and loudly mention, nath these days are nailing the looks of every girl. The traditional Indian Naths ate back in ten with some madness to it. A nath would not just complete your look, but will add some authentic Indian vibe to your look. Accessorise, yourself with a nath and go rock the wedding.

5. Bindi

The traditional Bindis, which are so believed to be worn y Indian married women, ate definitely becoming a show stellar now a days. Wearing up a huge gigantic bindi with your outfit will give volume to your look and add up the traditional vibe. But, if you prefer to go for a small one, then it would too ne great as it would ad that little charm to your look.

6. Ruffle sleeves

The blouses or tops these days have taken and shaken the whole parties and events up side down. These ruffle sleeves and pop up sleeves are growing rapidly in trend and are proving to be the best option for making your ordinary blouse a statement one. Such sleeves are adding up the extra needed volume to your dress and the most good thing is, that it would go with a normal and simplest look too.

7. Statement Rings

Glam up your whole attire and look with a statement ring, which would speak itself and enhance the beauty of your hands. A statement ring is all you need to complete the look.


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