8 Best Fairness Creams For Women In India With Price

8 Best Fairness Creams for Women in India : Exposing your skin to sun, dust, dirt, oily surface and pollution will damage your natural skin complexion. Many women will develop black heads, acnes, pimples, darkened skin and spots as a result of sun exposure. Hopefully, there are many ways of improvising your skin colour but it’s always recommended to use skin fairness home remedies which are safer than manufactured body creams and face treatment products.

However, since many people have no time to prepare some home remedies during the day, there are a number of chemical-free skin creams in India that combines the essential natural ingredients required for skin protection and lightening meant particularly for women and are suitable alternatives of natural home remedies.Additionally, you can’t change your skin tone completely, but you can without a doubt reduce the effects of UV rays on your skin by avoiding extreme sunlight. Below are the best skin fairness creams available in Indian market,

some are meant for dry skin or oily skin while others can work in all types of skin. Definitely, you will get the appropriate skin fairness cream that will give your skin a fair, light, clear, healthy and attractive complexion.

8 Best Fairness Creams For Women

8 Best Fairness Creams For Women In India With Price

1. Pond’s White Beauty Lightening Cream, Price: 50 grams at Rs 189  :  Manufactured by Pond a popular Unilever brand, Pond’s White Beauty Lightening Cream combines Saffron and Korean Ginseng ingredients which helps in purifying the skin and gives it a fair and attractive look. In addition, this fairness cream contains SPF 20 besides having a light texture making it appropriate for all types of skin. Another useful ingredient contained by this product is PA++, which helps in protecting skin from sunlight rays that can cause harm to your skin.

2. Olay Natural Instant Glowing Fairness
Price: 40 grams at Rs 175

Olay Natural Fairness cream contains three vitamins required for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. It gives your face a cooling effect and gives it a perfect glow at the same time. Using this product on a regular basis will make your skin look fairer and softer. This skin fairness ointment is endorsed by many skin therapist around the globe.

3. Clear Fairness Cream
Price: 40 grams at Rs 175

This product is not only available in India but also over 40 countries around the world. What makes this cream a perfect clear fairness cream is cherry extract formula, an ingredient that helps in getting rid of dark pigmentation as well as lightening skin texture. Clear Fairness Cream is non-sticky and non-oily and refreshes your skin.

4. Revlon Touch and Glow Fairness Cream
Price: 50 grams at Rs 171

Revlon Touch and Glow has natural ingredients such as licorice extracts, lotus and bearberry as well as SPF 15, making it an ultimate skin fairness product. It combines both botanical and multi-vitamin extracts required for purifying, refreshing and glowing your skin.

5. Lotus Herbals Glowing Gel
Price: 40 grams at Rs 230

Being a well-known cosmetic product in Indian market, Lotus Herbals Glowing Gel is appropriate for all types of skin and is rich in PA+++ and SPF 25, which gives your skin a comprehensive sun protection. It improves the skin complexion using natural ingredients instead of chemical products, making it ideal for all skin types even the most sensitive skin.

6. Boutique Bio Coconut Fairness Cream
Price: 50 grams at Rs 195

This skin herbal cream contains virgin coconut oil combined with other botanical ingredients suitable for natural skin hydration and lightening though it isn’t suitable for oily types of skin as it can be comedogenic to some extent meaning that it possibly will block the pores.

7. Fair Lovely Advanced Fairness Multivitamin Cream
Price: 40 grams at Rs 94

For young ladies, this is a suitable fairness cream since it works perfectly in lightening and improving the skin tone and is obtainable at a cheap price. Fair Lovely Advanced cream removes sun burns and also protects your skin against the extreme sun rays’ dangerous effects by help of SPF 15 .This fairness product is an ideal solution for different skin problems such as darkening, dark circles, tanning, pimples, acnes etc.

8. Garnier Skin Natural Fairness Cream
Price 40 grams at Rs 160

This fairness cream is ideal for all skin types. It contains PA++ and SPF 17 which offers your skin complete protection from harmful sun rays. If you use this cream on a daily basis then you will increase your chances of benefiting from its enduring fairness. This product confiscates tan thus improving your overall skin complexion. It contains pure lemon extract, which is suitable for illuminating and smoothening the skin. The cream also claims to possess an active white’ speck containing Vitamin C, which works best in lightening your skin.

Final Verdict

Getting a flawless skin isn’t an easy task as many people may tend to assume. It requires commitment right from drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, exercising regularly to maintaining balanced diet on top of fairness creams listed above. Always check the fairness cream to ensure it’s free from liquorice and safe to use. Excessive use of fairness products will result to abnormal dark spots pigmentation. So it’s always important to check the composition and ingredients of any cream product before you make a purchase or consult your skin therapist to advice you on fairness cream that suits your skin type.