Ankle Boots: Models With A Block Heel Make Your Legs Look Longer And Slimmer

In the golden autumn time we can finally wear our favorite ankle boots again. We are now relying on a very specific model, which conjures up our legs slimmer and longer in no time. When it comes to autumn footwear , we definitely have a huge selection. Especially when it comes to boots : from overknees to ankle boots , everything your heart desires is there. But at the same time we are faced with the same outfit dilemma every day: the hairstyle and clothes already look great for the day, only the perfect kicks that should round off the look are still missing.

But now you are faced with a very specific problem, namely that you want to make your legs look longer and slimmer at the same time ? If that is the case, you will now find out which specific model you should definitely have it on your beloved shoe rack. One thing is revealed in advance, you will love it!

Block heel ankle boots conjure up long and slim legs

Just as the prince in the fairy tale Cinderella wants to find his dream woman with the help of a shoe , one way or another we were looking for the one boot that ensures endlessly long and slender legs in no time . And we finally found him. May we present the pointed ankle boots with block heels ! While the it-piece was totally hated a few years ago, you should have it on your fashion radar by now and put it on your foot immediately. Because of the high block heel , your leg is automatically stretched. Another positive side effect is that your posture is also optimized.

True to the motto: chest out, back straight. In addition , because of the eye-catching moment, the shoe distracts from the calves , which are a problem area for many, due to the fact that many women feel they are lush and huge. Because the paragraph becomes an eye-catcher. Here, however, you should make sure that it is not too wide . If this is the case, exactly the opposite of the desired effect will be achieved and your body will appear compressed. By pointed boots your legs also win again at length, so small women can wear perfectly safely this. In terms of color, you should like to monochrome and simple tones like nude, brown or black. But patterns such as crocodile embossing are also popular now and provide an additional wow factor.

This is how you style the ankle boots correctly

Even if the shoe actually always rounds off the outfit , we have to turn around when it is the basis of the look . So now it’s time to combine. To make the model stand out and make your legs look slim , you can go for a print mullet dress and a cool leather jacket . With a skinny jeans you can also score great, because the legs are then placed in the foreground. A striped shirt à la French women is particularly suitable in autumn and a long blazer that you throw yourself over. If you are not a fan of tight-fitting trousers, just style a denim culottes with a chunky knit sweater and a coat.

By the way: square-shaped models or the absolutely modern lace variant with spiked heels also make the dream of long, slim legs come true, because these items visually stretch the legs . So when it comes to shoes for autumn, you should definitely invest in ankle boots with block heels. You can run super comfortably through everyday autumnal life and travel in style with it


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