Cleaning Boots: How To Get Them Really Clean Again

As warm and cozy as UGG boots are, they have a catch. They look pretty battered after just a few wearing them. Whether rain, mud or road salt – everything leaves unsightly stains and edges on the sensitive suede of the expensive boots. But you don’t have to put up with the dirty UGGs. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use to clean UGG boots and remove even stubborn water marks and salt stains from the suede. We’ll tell you the best cleaning tricks for UGGs like new

Cleaning UGG boots: This is how the suede gets clean again

Before you start cleaning your UGG boots or other suede shoes, you should memorize these rules: 1. Always clean the entire shoe, otherwise water marks will appear.
2. Do not rub too hard, otherwise the structure of the suede will be damaged.
3. After cleaning, leave the shoes to dry in a cool, airy place for at least 24 hours, avoiding direct sunlight or heat (e.g. from a heater).

And: No matter how gently you proceed, cleaning the UGGs will bleach the suede a little. So be prepared for the fact that your suede shoes are evenly clean after cleaning, but no longer have exactly the same rich color as before. Therefore: Always clean both UGG boots!

And this is how it works:

First, thoroughly vacuum the boots from the outside and inside to remove dry dirt particles. Then go to the sink and rinse the dirt on the top of your UGG boots under running water by simply running the water jet over the suede.

Now let lukewarm water in the sink and add a teaspoon of wool detergent or the gentle hair shampoo to the water. Put one hand in the boot shaft to grip the UGG boots and carefully (!) Rub the rag over the entire upper side of the suede boots to clean them evenly.

If you have gently rubbed the entire top so that the shoe is evenly soaked, you can drain the water and then rinse the UGGs again thoroughly under running water.

Professional tip: Clean UGG boots with a special cleaning kit
Do you belong to the fearful kind and fear that your UGG boots will look worse than before after being cleaned by hand or in the machine? Then you can get the cleaning set from UGG.

The professional kit includes: detergent and conditioner, a refreshing spray, a waterproofing spray, a suede eraser and a suede brush. Instructions also explain how you can professionally clean your UGG boots.

Clean UGG boots in the washing machine

With the sink method you can remove light soiling well and easily. However, if there are very stubborn stains from mulled wine , grease & Co. on your suede shoes, you can also clean your UGG boots in the washing machine. It is important that you use a gentle wool detergent without bleach and only ever set the washing machine on the gentle wool cycle. Also, be aware beforehand that the color of the suede can fade., fat & Co. on your suede shoes, you can also clean your UGG boots in the washing machine.

After you’ve cleaned your UGG boots in the washing machine, you should put paper towels or newspaper in the boots to dry them. Make sure to push the cloths up to the toe of your boot – this is the only way the UGG boots keep their shape after cleaning and drying.

Then place your boots in a cool airy room to dry for 24 hours and make sure that they are not exposed to direct sun or heat.

Then spray the suede shoes with a waterproofing spray. If this is completely absorbed and dried, you should roughen the surface of your UGGs with a suede brush. Rub the brush in one direction over the leather.


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