Combining A White Blouse: You Have To Know These Styling Rules!

Do you think a white blouse can only be honest? That’s not true! We show you that you can combine the white blouse in a cool and trendy way. Tired of wondering what to wear? Then get yourself a white blouse! Because this basic is a real styling miracle. The white blouse is super easy to combine and looks good on every woman.

White blouse combine from sporty to evening wear

For a cool look, choose a loosely cut blouse with a V-neck or a longer white shirt blouse and style it with comfortable boyfriend jeans or sexy skinny pants. By tucking the hem of the blouse loosely (!) Into the waistband, you model your figure. Your look will be particularly cool if you combine a leather jacket with jeans and a white blouse. The combination of oversize blouse and shorts is summery and super cute. Do you love the boho look ? Instead of a plain white blouse, choose a romantic model with embellishments made of hole embroidery or lace and a voluminous cut. Jeans shorts and accessories in ethnic style look great with such a playful blouse.

Depending on whether you have a trendy or more sporty style, you can combine your outfit with a white blouse with high heels, sandals or white sneakers .

Combine a white blouse: These business looks are anything but boring!

The white blouse is an integral part of office fashion . Nevertheless, it is anything but staid and can also be combined excitingly for the job. The choice of blouse alone determines whether the business outfit looks classic or trendy. A safe choice for a serious look are fitted white blouses made of a firmer cotton fabric with a collar and central button placket ( available here on Amazon ). Pants suit, suit and pumps match them. Are you looking for a more modern office outfit? Then choose a flowing, loosely fitting white blouse with a slight V-neckline or a romantic model with a bow. You can combine a patterned pencil skirt or one of the trendy midi skirts with these fashionable white blouses .

Cloth trousers or jeans in darker washes can also be combined well with a white blouse. A blazer and elegant pumps complete the trendy business outfit.

Jewelry for the white blouse: Accessories refine your look

A white blouse is like a blank canvas – you can design it however you like. Means: You can step on the gas with the accessories, because jewelry is particularly effective on a white blouse. For example, choose a statement necklace or one of the currently super trendy multi-row chains in yellow gold or red gold. These accessories add the finishing touches to your otherwise rather simple outfit.

It’s the right cut: which blouse suits me?

White blouses are not always white blouses, because there are very different cuts. And depending on whether you have a small bust , a large bust or a plump figure , different blouses are advantageous. Women who want to cheat their small breasts bigger should opt for white blouses with decorations such as pinholes, frills or attached breast pockets.

On the other hand, if you want to hide your large breasts a bit, you should refrain from such blouses and choose simple models. Wrap blouses with a V-neck are great because they stretch the upper body. A small tummy can be wonderfully concealed with one of the super trendy oversize blouses. White blouses with vertical stripes also have a slim-down effect. Narrow trousers in a dark color ensure harmonious proportions and make the figure appear slimmer overall.

An absolute must: a skin-colored bra with a white blouse

Anyone who thinks that a white bra belongs under a white blouse is wrong. Because bras in brilliant white shine through under the delicate blouse fabric. Better, because invisible, are skin-colored T-shirt bras . The special thing about these bras is the smooth finish, so that no seam or lace can be seen under the blouse fabric. If you don’t have a skin-colored bra on hand, you can try a model in pink. This color is also better than pure white, depending on the skin tone.

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