Curated Ear: This Is What The Hip Ear Piercing Trend Looks Like

You can’t have enough of ear piercings right now. Keyword curated ear. We’ll tell you what’s behind the piercing trend. Ear piercings are very popular right now. So much so that a pierced ear or two is no longer enough. The trend when it comes to ear piercings is now “curated ear”. Actress Scarlett Johansson, model Adwoa Aboah and Inluencer Caro Daur have already discovered it for themselves. True to the motto “more is more”, the curated ear trend is not only about decorating the earlobes with pieces of jewelry, but also decorating the entire ear with many small, different earrings and piercings. It looks extremely stylish and is guaranteed to be eye-catching.

Curated Ear: Which areas can be pierced?

The nice thing about the curated ear trend: You can let off steam as you please. Whether tragus , helix and rook piercing or all at once – you decide how you want to design your perfect ear party.

Tip: It is best to seek advice from a professional piercing studio before piercing, because every ear is different. A professional can tell you which piercings will best suit your ear shape and how which jewelry can best be arranged.

Curated ear trend: the most important styling tips

Creating a curated ear is actually very easy. Nevertheless, there are a few styling rules that should be observed. Because even if it may not look like it: There is a certain systematic behind the ear piercing trend.

1: Decide on a type of metal

Even if the mixing of gold and silver jewelry is currently again the trend, you should first decide on a type of metal – either gold, silver or rose – for your piercing collection on the ear. This makes the look particularly harmonious.

Mixing different types of metal requires a bit of styling skill, so curated ear beginners should refrain from doing so at first. For example, professionals can also mix silver and gold. This works particularly well if the golden piercings have silver rhinestones or the silver golden stones. However, one should also focus on a basic type of metal that forms the basis, so to speak.

Important: Make sure to choose high quality jewelry. Piercings made of titanium or PTFE are best. Piercings made of surgical stainless steel, on the other hand, contain nickel and can cause allergies and inflammation.

2: Match piercings in terms of color and style

Not only the type of metal should be as uniform as possible, the color and style of the piercings should also be coordinated. Does that mean: Are you a big fan of playful earrings with white pearls or rhinestones? Then stick with it. Do you prefer it to be cool and rocky? Then choose, for example, matte plugs and rings in silver.

If you like, you can of course decorate your curated ear with colored piercings. But the same applies here: Stick to a color that you pick up discreetly here and there.

3: Mix different shapes together

You can safely ignore what applies to style, color and type of metal when it comes to the shapes of the piercings. Because here the rule is: mix what it takes.┬áThe curated ear look looks particularly beautiful when plugs of different shapes and sizes (e.g. round, angular, as a lightning bolt or flower) and differently sized hoop earrings are mixed together. By the way: You don’t necessarily need real piercing holes for the curated ear trend. There are now numerous fake jewelry pieces that can be clamped and clipped on and that look like real piercings.


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